Approver Responsibilities

The approver must be an employee of the University of Louisville, the University of Louisville Athletic Association, or the University of Louisville Research Foundation.

The approver's responsibility is to verify that purchases are appropriate for the funding source and are for the benefit of the university.  The approver must not be a subordinate in the direct reporting line of the cardholder.  Furthermore, the cardholder cannot be an approver of his/her own card.

The approver is required to review all monthly ProCard documentation in OnBase consisting of the Monthly Activity Report (MAR), itemized receipts, and any backup documentation provided. The approver sees the MAR after the cardholder has certified the report. This review must be completed by the 25th of the month following the end of the billing cycle. The approvers signature and date of the monthly ProCard documentation reviewed will be captured electronically in OnBase.

The approver must first pass the ProCard Policies/Procedures Test  with a score of 100% before they can be added to a card.

Instructions for OnBase ProCard Approver process can be found here