Compliance Information & Procedures

ProCard activity shall be analyzed and monitored by the University of Louisville ProCard Office. The ProCard Office will perform regular compliance reviews (audits) of ProCard account files. Such reviews will be designed to verify the completion of the Monthly Activity Report (MAR), and other obligations and restrictions in reference to the ProCard policies and procedures. The types of reviews include: individual cardholder, departmental, and daily review of transactions in OnBase. The following sanctions may be imposed following a review, depending on the severity of the findings:

  • Surrender, suspension and/or cancellation of the ProCard.
  • Improper or fraudulent use of the ProCard may result in disciplinary action, up to and including prosecution and/or termination of employment.

Departments should periodically conduct their own internal review of ProCards. The ProCard Audit Checklist can be used as a tool to facilitate internal reviews.  Any fraudulent purchases discovered during an internal review should be reported immediately to Audit Services. Any policy violations should be reported immediately to the Director of Procurement Systems and Card Operations, at 502-852-5280 or anonymously through the Compliance Hotline.

Review Process & Procedures

  • The cardholder or departmental liaison (if it's a departmental review) will be contacted by the ProCard Compliance Analyst with a notification that an electronic review will be conducted. 
  • Compliance reviews will be conducted within the ProCard Office since most transaction records are now electronic. The Compliance Analyst may request copies of ProCard documentation that occurred prior to the start of the OnBase reallocation process. Copies of Sign in/out logs and user agreements will be requested as needed.   
  • A draft report will be sent to the cardholder and/or department liaison for their review and comments.  A meeting with the Compliance Analyst and/or training with the relevant parties may also be required.  The relevant parties will be determined by the ProCard Office and will be dependent on the review findings.  A final report will be issued, with a copy sent to the department head/chair and VP/Dean, at the conclusion of the review.
  • The required parties must sign the final page of the report and return this page (with original signatures) to the Compliance Analyst by the date given in the notification. Required parties will be identified by the ProCard Office based on the review findings and may differ from the relevant parties noted above.