Disputed Transactions

The cardholder is responsible for contacting the vendor and/or PNC Bank at 1-800-685-4039 about any erroneous charges, returns or disputed items. Disputed billing can result from:

  • failure to receive goods or services charged
  • fraud or misuse
  • altered charges
  • defective merchandise
  • incorrect amounts
  • duplicate charges
  • credits not processed

Contact the vendor first to resolve any questionable charges. If agreement cannot be reached with the vendor, notification to PNC Bank should be made by use of the ProCard Dispute Form.  PNC must receive this form no later than the 60 days after receipt of the first bill on which the error or problem appeared.  A completed copy of the dispute form should also be mailed or faxed (852-7628) to the ProCard Office. If you have a routine question, PNC Bank Customer Services Department may be able to provide information at 1-800-685-4039.

After PNC has completed its investigation, the cardholder will be notified of the resolution. If the dispute is settled in the favor of the cardholder, the account will be credited for the disputed amount.

If a new card is issued due to the transaction dispute, it will be sent to the attention of the ProCard Office at the corporate address on file with PNC Bank via FedEx delivery for tracking purposes. Once the ProCard Office has received the new card, the cardholder will be notified.