If it is determined the ProCard was used in violation of policy (i.e. employee travel expenses, purchase of gift cards, personal purchases, etc.), a written explanation must be submitted to , Director of Procurement Systems and Card Operations.  In the event of an accidental personal purchase, the employee must also immediately reimburse the university for the expense.  All documentation pertaining to violations of policy should be kept with the monthly ProCard file.   The nature and/or frequency of the violation(s) could lead to card suspension/revocation or disciplinary action.

In the event that fraud or intentional misuse is suspected, all allegations should be forwarded to Jennifer Steier, ProCard Manager, or reported anonymously through the Compliance Hotline.

If appropriate, the ProCard Office will notify Audit Services first, in accordance with the Fiscal Misconduct Policy, as well as Public Safety and Human Resources.  Human Resources will maintain a database of all ProCard violations, including the final dispositions, both administratively and judicial.  The database will be available to all of the above parties to ensure that violations are being adjudicated in accordance with University of Louisville policies and procedures.