Card Cancellation/Surrender

Permanent Cancellation

To cancel a ProCard:

  1. Destroy the card - shred or cut into multiple pieces by or in the presence of the supervisor.
  2. Complete the Certificate of Destruction Form. Do NOT send the destroyed card(s) to the ProCard Office.

The ProCard must be cancelled for the following reasons:

  • The cardholder's termination of employment with the university.
  • The cardholder's transfer to another department within the university.
  • The card is revoked by the cardholder's supervisor or ProCard Office due to policy violations or fraudulent activity/misuse.
  • The person responsible for a departmental card changes for any reason.

Twelve (12) month of no activity
All cards that have had no activity for twelve (12) continuous months will be monitored and cancelled as appropriate.  The cardholder, proxy, funding reviewer, and approver will receive notification when a card has had 12 months of inactivity.

Card Surrender:  Active Leave of Absence Status
The ProCard must be temporarily surrendered to the employee's supervisor at the beginning of a leave of absence.  The card will be deactivated by the ProCard Office and cannot be used for purchases.  The supervisor must appropriately secure the card, as stated in the Cardholder Responsibilities section. Examples of a Leave of Absence can include:

  • Furlough
  • Sabbatical
  • FMLA

The ProCard may be kept open on a case-by-case basis (ex: it is the only card within the department). The department must provide justification for keeping the card open and who would have temporary responsibility over the card. This would require approval from the Director of Card Operations.

If the ProCard is released back to the employee upon their return authorizing continued use, the supervisor should contact the ProCard Office requesting that the card be reactivated.  If the employee will not be returning to work, the supervisor must complete and submit the Certificate of Destruction Form.