Research Faculty Interests

Said Abusalem

Dr. Said Abusalem

Associate Professor

Research Interests:Health Service Research;Patient Safety; Infection Control

Katharine Adelstein

Dr. Katharine Adelstein

Assistant Professor

Research interests: Psychosocial oncology, End-of-Life, Cancer in the Adolescent and Young Adult Population, and Quality of life in patients with cancer.

Fawwaz Alaloul

Dr. Fawwaz Alaloul

Assistant Professor

Research interests: Quality of Life and Experience with Chronic Health Conditions

Debra Anderson

Dr. Debra Anderson

Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs and Organizational Effectiveness

Research interests: Vulnerable populations: domestic and occupational violence, healthy work environments

Diane Chlebowy

Dr. Diane Chlebowy

Associate Professor, MEPN Program Director


Research interests: Diabetes Self-management in Adults (especially African Americans); Motivational Interviewing

Paul Clark

Dr. Paul Clark

Assistant Professor

Research interests: Health Services Research – Resilience and Moral Distress in the Emergency Department

Mary-Beth Coty

Dr. Mary-Beth Coty

Associate Professor


Research interests: Self-management of Arthritis (especially in the Hispanic/Latino Population)

Lynne Hall

Dr. Lynne Hall

Associate Dean for Research, Professor


Research interests: Mental Health of Low-income Women with Young Children

Muna Hammash

Dr. Muna Hammash

Assistant Professor


Research interests: Self-management of heart failure

Sonya Hardin

Dr. Sonya Hardin

Dean, Professor


Research interests: Critical Care, Geriatrics, Cardiovascular and Neurology

Dr. Frances Hardin-Fanning

Dr. Frances Hardin-Fanning

 Professor, Shirley B. Powers Endowed Chair


Research interests: Health Behaviors related to nutrition in disadvantaged communities; Veterans’ Education Issues

Dr. Candace Harrington

Dr. Candace Harrington

 Assistant Professor


Research interests: Geriatric population, cognitive impairment, chronic heart failure management, long-term populations, frailty, family dementia caregiver longevity

Dr. Kimberly Hartson

Dr. Kimberly Hartson

Assistant Professor


Research interests: Health Promotion and Behavior Change in Adolescents and Young Adults; Physical Activity

Vicki Hines-Martin

Dr. Vicki Hines-Martin



Research interests: Health disparities; community engagement

Luz Huntington-Moskos

Dr. Luz Huntington-Moskos

Assistant Professor


Research interests: Adolescent Environmental Health

Cindi Logsdon

Dr. Cynthia (Cindi) Logsdon



Research interests: Women’s Mental Health; Academic Clinical Partnerships; Mothering

Whitney Nash

Dr. Whitney Nash

Assistant Vice President of Interprofessional Practice Partnerships (HSC), Associate Dean of Practice and Service, Associate Professor


Research interests: Interprofessional education

Lynn RoserDr. Lynn Roser

Assistant Professor


Research interests: Healthcare – Associated Infections, Infection Preventation, Heart Failure

Whitney Nash

Dr. Melanie Schrader

Assistant Professor


Research interests: Impact of Social Support on Heart Failure and Cardiovascular Diseases

Cheryl Witt

Dr. Cheryl Witt

Assistant Professor


Research interests: Improving Rural and Appalachian Health and Safety; Mental Health of Production Farmers; Female Farm Operators

Muna Hammash

Dr. Imelda Wright

Assistant Professor


Research interests: The Perioperative Environment, including safety culture, normalization of deviance, work environment, and nurse behaviors and characteristics.