Doctor of Nursing Practice Program

Photo of 2021 DNP class graduation photo with overlay that reads 'We are ready for you.'

A doctorally prepared nurse practitioner translates evidence-based knowledge into practice and in turn improves health care outcomes. A University of Louisville DNP will prepare students to be outstanding clinicians and will also prepare them to be leaders and change agents in the field of nursing. If you want additional information about whether to pursue the PhD degree or DNP degree based on your scholarly interests, please see PhD or DNP – Which is Right for Me?

Do you know of a process in your hospital that could be more efficient? Do you know of a practice that has been shown in the literature to have no improvement in outcomes but is still being done? Do you want to be the one to change it? Then the Doctor of Nursing practice degree is for you!

The University of Louisville DNP will prepare students to:

  • Synthesize and apply knowledge to improve population outcomes
  • Collaborate with other disciplines to improve the delivery of health care
  • Assume clinical, leadership, executive, public policy and/or teaching roles
  • Affect health policy through the application of knowledge


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