Funded Research

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Current Funding

FacultyFunding SourceStart DateEnd DateAmountTitle


Betty Moore Foundation Fellowship7/1/20218/1/2024$500,000Improving Asthma Self-management Using Report Back Strategies with Adolescents
SaulmanMNRS - Dissertation Award4/28/20234/27/2024$2,500Mechanical Circulatory Support Systems in the Cardiovascular ICU: Investigating the Effects of an Interactive Cardiovascular Dynamics Simulation Program on Nursing Clinical Reasoning and Clinical Judgement
RoserGAPNA Foundation9/1/20238/30/2024$2,000Trajectories of Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms in Patients with Long Covid
HarringtonGAPNA Foundation9/1/20238/30/2024$2,000Improving Transitions in Care from Long-term Care to Home
RobertsonHRSA7/1/20236/30/2027$2,600,000Advancing Nursing Education Workforce (ANEW)
MitchellHRSA8/1/20237/31/2027$3,900,000LPN to BSN Pathway Program
WrightCCI Research Foundation11/1/202210/31/2024$35,000Implementing an Exclusive Onboard Process for Perioperative RNs to Fortify High Reliability, Engagement and Retention, and Certification
Total Funding$7,041,500

Past Funding

FacultyFunding SourceStart DateEnd DateAmountTitle
NashHRSA9/1/20126/30/2015$1,097,226Enhancing Interprofessional Collaborative Practice
LehnaFEMA8/22/201312/21/2014$331,113Community Partnership
LehnaHealthpoint12/31/201112/31/2014$57,873Comparison of Wound Bed Establishment in Facial Burns
HernRobert Johnson Wood Foundation9/1/20138/31/2015$53,000New Careers in Nursing Scholarship Program
HallKosair10/1/20149/30/2015$50,000Improving Outcomes for Children with Special Needs and Their Caregivers Using CBT
RidneriHOP2/15/20128/31/2013$49,999Multidisciplinary Smoking Cessation Interventions for Primary Care Patients
HammashAmerican Nurses Foundation9/1/20138/31/2015$9,988Precipitants of Acute Exacerbation of Congestive Heart Failure
McCarthyAmerican Nurses Foundation9/1/20148/31/2015$9,966Facilitating Self-transcendence: A Transcendence-Based Intervention to Enhance Well-being in Late Life
McCarthySigma Theta Tau11/1/201310/31/2014$5,000Facilitating Self-Transcendence: An Intervention to Enhance Well-being in Late Life
PolivkaUniversity of Louisville4/1/20143/31/2015$14,986Asthma in Older Adults: Identifying Phenotypes and Factors
PolivkaUniversity of Louisville1/1/201412/31/2014$10,000Integrating Motivational Interviewing with Home-Based Asthma Care for African American Children
ChlebowyUniversity of Louisville1/1/201412/31/2014$5,000A Telephone Based Motivational Interviewing Intervention
HammashUniversity of Louisville1/1/201412/31/2014$4,997Patients' Experiences, Attitudes, and Knowledge about Generator Replacement
SmithUniversity of Louisville1/1/201512/31/2015$4,932Feasibility Pilot Study to Determine Bacterial Species and Colony Counts in Fresh Human Milk Refrigerated for 96 Hours
CrawfordUniversity of Louisville1/1/201512/31/2015$4,888Examining the Direct and Indirect Effects of Alcohol Use on HIV Disease Progression
AbusalemUniversity of Louisville6/1/20135/31/2014$4,401Predictors of Adverse Care Events in Nursing Homes
PolivkaUniversity of Louisville6/1/20135/31/2014$2,556Development and Validation of the Energy Nausea Scale
HuttiUniversity of Louisville6/1/20135/31/2014$2,551The Meaning, Experiences, and Behaviors of Nurses Caring for Women
SmithUniversity of Louisville6/1/20145/31/2015$2,511Feasibility and Accuracy of the Actiwave Data Logger in the Collection of Heart Rate Data in Preterm Infants
PolivkaNIA/NIH2/1/20151/30/2020$2,401,346Asthma in Older Adults: Identifying Phenotypes and Factors
PolivkaNIOSH/CDC9/1/20138/31/2016$870,621Home Healthcare Hazard Training through Virtual Simulation
RidnerHRSA7/1/20146/30/2016$672,022Training Primary Care Nurse Practitioners Using Social Determinants
LogsdonNIH6/15/20135/31/2016$437,322Social Media, Teen Moms and PPD
Huntington-MoskosNIEHS/NIH diversity supplement via University of Kentucky9/1/20147/31/2016$210,842FRESH: Dual Hone Screening for Lung Cancer Prevention
HuttiAAWHONN5/1/20154/30/2016$10,000Predicting Grief Intensity After Perinatal Loss
AbusalemSigma Theta Tau International11/1/201410/31/2016$8,944In An Era of Reform: Predicators of Adverse Events In Long-Term Facilities
SchreiberAmerican Nurses Foundation9/1/20158/31/2016$5,000Cognitive Processing, Psychological Distress and Pain: Breast Cancer Survivors
ChristianUniversity of Louisville1/1/201612/31/2016$9,995Adolescents with Cystic Fibrosis Peer-2-Peer Study
CrawfordUniversity of Louisville1/1/201612/31/2016$9,985African American Older Adults Living with HIV: Exploring Stress, Stigma and Engagement in HIV Care
AlaloulKentucky One Health4/7/20154/7/2016$4,922Impact of Script Based Communication Intervention on Patient Satisfaction with Pain Management in Hospitalized Patients
AlaloulUniversity of Louisville1/1/201612/31/2016$2,944Muslim Cancer Patient’s Experience in the US: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Survivorship
Nash/RobinsonHRSA7/1/20156/30/2018$157,397Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Program
*Notes a collaborative grant between the School of Nursing and other entities.