Vicki Hines-Martin, PhD, CNS, RN, FAAN

Vicki Hines-Martin, PhD, CNS, RN, FAAN

Vicki Hines-Martin, PhD, CNS, RN, FAAN

Vicki Hines-Martin, PhD, CNS, RN, FAAN

Director of the Office of Health Disparities and Community Engagement, Professor








  • Postdoctoral Fellowship - ANA Ethnic Racial Minority Fellowship Program & Agency for Health Care Policy and Research
  • PhD, University of Kentucky
  • MSN, University of Cincinnati
  • MA:Education Spalding University, Louisville, Kentucky
  • BSN, Spalding University, Louisville, Kentucky

Educational Interests:

 Mental Health, Community Health & Qualitative Research


  • National Black Nurses Association (NBNA
  • KYANNA Black Nurses of Louisville Organization (Chapter of NBNA): co-founder and member
  • Sigma Theta Tau, Iota Gamma
  • Kentucky Nurses Association
  • American Nurses Association
  • American Nurses Foundation grant reviewer 2009-2012
  • Southern Nursing Research Society
  • International Society of Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses
  • American Academy of Nursing
  • Reviewer for professional journals and grants (including Issues in Asian Nursing Research, Mental Health Nursing Journal, International Journal of Qualitative Methods Journal, Perspectives in Psychiatric Care Journal, Research in Nursing and Health Journal, American Nurses Foundation, & National Institutes of Health).

Recent Publications:

*Ling, J., Hines-Martin, V., Ji, H. (in press). Childhood Development Cross Culturally: Implications for Designing Childhood Obesity Interventions and Providing Culturally Competent Care. Journal of Qilu Nursing (China)

*Rowland, M.L., Jones, V.F, Hines-Martin, V., Lewis, L.H. (2013). Cultural Competency in the Trenches. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 24(1),6-10.  DOI: 10.1353/hpu.2013.0024

*Hines-Martin. V. (2012). Cultural, ethnic and spiritual concepts. In V. Rodgers (Ed) Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing: An Interpersonal Approach to Professional Practice. New York NY: Springer Publishing.

*Pinto-Foltz, M.D., Hines-Martin, V., & Logsdon, M.C. (2010). How adolescent girls understand and manage depression within their peer group: A grounded theory investigation. School Mental Health 2(1), 36-43.

*Hines-Martin, V., Killian, P., & Echeozo, F. (2009). Position statement on female genital mutilation,International Society of Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses at

*Hines-Martin, V. & Pack, A. (2009). INDE Project: Developing a cultural curriculum within social and environmental contexts. In S.D. Bosher & M.D. Pharris (Eds.) Transforming Nursing Education: The Culturally Inclusive Environment. Warren MI: Springer Publishing.

*Hines-Martin, V. (2009). Diversity and equity committee update. Connections: Newsletter of the International Society of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses, 12 (3),4.

*Hines-Martin, V., Speck, B., Stetson, B. & Looney, S.(2009). Understanding systems and rhythms for minority recruitment in intervention research. Research in Nursing and Health, 32(6), 32, 657-670.

*Logsdon, M.C., Hines-Martin, V.,& Rakestraw,V.(2009).Barriers to depression treatment in low-income, unmarried, adolescent mothers in a southern, urban area of the United States. Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 30(7), 451-455.

*Hines-Martin, V. & Thomas, D.V. (2007). The client with bipolar disorder. In D. Anti-Otong (Ed) Psychiatric Nursing: Biological and behavioral concepts 3rd Ed. Albany NY: CENGAGE Delmar.

*Speck, BJ, Hines-Martin, V, Stetson, BA, & Looney, SW. (2007). An environmental intervention aimed at increasing physical activity in low-income women. Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. 22(4), 263-271.

*Hines-Martin, V. & Robinson, K. (2006). Supervision as professional development for psychiatric mental health nurses. Clinical Nurse Specialist: The Journal for Advanced Nursing Practice. 20(6): 293-296.

*Koniak Griffin, D, Logsdon, M.C, Hines-Martin, V.P. & Turner, C. (2006). Contemporary mothering in a diverse society. JOGNN, 35(5), 671-678.


Recent Presentations:

*2013 - The Winds of Change: Dorothy, We’re Not in Kansas Anymore!, Melva Jo Hendrix Lectureship,  Mental Health Matters: Risk, Resilience, and Recovery, 15th Annual ISPN Conference, San Antonio TX.

*Jackson, B. PhD Student (V. Hines-Martin, Mentor) “Rising from the fire: The lived experience of mothering during incarceration”, Southern Nursing Research Conference, Jacksonville FL, 2011.

*Edward J. PhD student, Hines-Martin, V. & S. Bowland “Social determinants and disparities in health status: The availability of dietary needs in a low-income, inner city, public housing community and the impact on self-care management”, Research!Louisville, Louisville KY, 2011.

*Bowland, S. & Hines-Martin,V. “Needs of Aging Urban Adults Living in Public Housing. Gerontological Society of America Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, 2011.

*Hines-Martin, V., Edward, J. "Developing a disparities agenda at a metropolitan university", Southern Nursing Research Conference, Jacksonville, FL, 2011

*Hines-Martin, V.  "Bringing PMHN together to identify global mental health issues within & beyond our membership", International Society of Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses ISPN, Tucson, AZ, 2011

*Hines-Martin, V. "The Sister you never knew (mental health and self awareness)", Saturday Academy at the Park-DuValle, Department of Arts and Sciences, University of Louisville, 2010

*Hines-Martin, V. "Proposed Mentoring Plan for University of Louisville Faculty", Council of Academic Officers CAO-Administration, Belknap Campus, University of Louisville, 2010

*Hines-Martin, V.  Community Disparities Research Collaborative, State of the Science Congress, Council for Advancement for Nursing Science Conference, Washington, DC, 2010

*Hines-Martin, V. "Disparities - An untapped resource for research, scholarship, teaching & revenue", Coucil of Academic Officers CAO Administration, Belknap Campus, University of Louisville, 2010

*Rose, L., Howard, P. & Hines-Martin, V.  Grant Writing Session, 13th Annual ISPN conference, St. Louis, MO, 2010

*“Healthy minds = Healthy families” [panel presentation], Healthy Start Program Community Spring Conference, Louisville KY, 2009

*Hines-Martin, V., Echeozo, F., Killian, P. “Female Genital Mutilation – What it is and why it should be important to ISPN” 12th Annual ISPN Conference, Greenville SC, 2009

*Hines-Martin, V., Robinson, K., Roberts, K., Bonham, E. "Community-based Participatory Research in Action" symposium, International Society of Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses, Louisville KY., April 2008.

*"University of Louisville Signature Partnership Initiative" [panel presentation], Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities Conference, Baltimore, MD., October 2007.

*“Partnering with Diverse Communities Using Web-based Health Technology” 35th Annual Institute and Conference of the National Black Nurses Association, Atlanta GA., July 2007.

*“Mental Health Care- Yes, that’s your job, too!” Kentucky Association of Nursing Students State Conference, Louisville KY., 2006.

*“Integrating Diversity into the HSC Classroom” Lunch and Learn Series, Delphi Center University of Louisville, Louisville KY., 2006


Research Interests:

  • African-American utilization of mental health services
  • Mental health
  • Qualitative Research and Community-based Participatory Research
  • Health Disparities and Community
  • Diverse populations and access to care

Research Activity:

*Nash, W. (Principal Investigator), Ridner, L., Mayfield, T., Hupp, W., Hall, L., Firriolo, J., and Hines-Martin, V. (Co-investigators). University of Louisville School of Nursing and School of Dentistry Interprofessional Education Initiative. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration, $1.1M, 2013-15.

*Hines-Martin, V. (PI), Bowland, S & Wall, M.P. (Co-I)  Dosker Manor Assessment Research Project.  University of Louisville Office of Community Engagement Faculty Grant Program, 2010-2011.  Comprehensive multidisciplinary ecological study of factors that influence mental, and physical health and quality of life in a sample of elderly and disabled low-income adult residents of a public high rise community (n=127).  The study will serve as the foundation for subsequent collaborative, university-community intervention studies and student engagement projects with the 684 residents.

*Hines-Martin, V. (PD)  Website Development project for Health Literacy.  University of Louisville, Office of the University Provost, 2009-2010.

*Wall, M.P., Chlebowy, D., Martin, P., Singleton, K., Hines-Martin, V.: Analysis in Nursing care management, I2A SUN Grant - Delphi Center, 2008.

*Hines-Martin, V. (PI)  Internet data collection technology development using participatory action methodology.  University of Louisville Intramural Research Incentive Grant, 2006.

*Hines-Martin, V (PI)  Mental health integration in primary care setting needs assessment.  University of Louisville Vice Provost for Diversity Fund, 2005-2006.

*Speck, B. (PI), Hines-Martin, V., Looney, s. & Stetson, B. (Co-Is)  Increasing Physical Activity Levels in Low-Income Women.  National Institutes of Health (NIDDK), R01 DK63523, 2002-2005:



Melva Jo Hendrix Lectureship Award, International Society of Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses

2011Expert Panel member (appointment), Addressing the Needs of a Diverse, At-Risk & Disenfranchised Populations Across the Life Span position paper, American Academy of Nursing
2011Hall of Fame Award, University of Kentucky College of Nursing
2010Honoree, Fifty Outstanding Alumni Recognition, University of Kentucky College of Nursing, 50th Celebration
2009ANF Scholar Highlight, 2008 American Nurses Foundation Annual report
2008Outstanding Nurse of the Year, KYANNA Black Nurses Association of Kentucky (NBNA Chapter)
2008Fellow, American Academy of Nursing
2008Diversity Award, International Society of Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses
2007Outstanding Performance and Exemplary Achievement, University of Louisville Black Faculty/Staff Association
2007Service Award, International Society of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses
2007Presidential Exemplary Multicultural Teaching Award, University of Louisville