Paul R. Clark, PhD, RN, MA

Paul R. Clark, PhD, RN, MA

Paul R. Clark, Phd, RN, MA

Paul R. Clark, PhD, RN, MA

Assistant Professor

Paul Clark is the graduate of an accelerated BSN program.  Following graduation he worked as an RN in the post-operative medical surgical and adult Emergency Department care settings.  After completing graduate school, Clark joined the faculty at the UofL School of Nursing where he teaches pharmacology and works with students as a clinical instructor.  He stays active in Emergency Nursing through research in the emergency care setting and as an advisory member of the Institute of Emergency Nursing Research, the research arm of the Emergency Nurses Association.  Besides his full time work with the UofL School of Nursing, Dr. Clark is a System Educator for the Institute for Nursing in the Norton Healthcare System (Louisville, KY).



  • PhD: Nursing, University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, 2010
  • MSN, University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, 2006
  • BSN, St. Louis University, 1999
  • MA: Theology, Washington Theological Union, 1997
  • BA: Biology, St. Louis University, 1989

Educational Interests:

University of Louisville, School of Nursing
  • Pharmacotherapeutics [Didactic](N395) – 2014 (Fall), 2015 (Spring, Summer, Fall), 2016 (Spring, Fall)
  • Theoretical Nursing Interventions  [Clinical] (N364) – 2014 (Fall), 2015 (Spring, Fall), 2016 (Spring, Fall)
Kentucky Institute of International Studies – courses taught in Tanzania, East Africa, 2016
  • Global Health Care [Didactic] (NUR317-2) – 2016 (Summer)
  • Special Topics:  Cultural Influences which Impact Quality Healthcare Delivery [Didactic] (NUR317-1) – 2016 (Summer)

Recent Publications

*Fitzgerald, E.M., Myers, J.G., Clark, P. (2017) Nurses need not be guilty bystanders: Caring for vulnerable immigrant populations.  OJIN: Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 22(1).

 Wolf, L.A., Perhats, C., Delao, A.M., Clark, P. (2016).  Workplace aggression as cause and effect: Emergency nurses’ experiences of working fatigued.  International Emergency Nursing Journal.  Accepted for publication ahead of print on December 2, 2016.

 Wolf, L.A., Perhats, C., Delao, A.M., Clark, P., Moon, M.D.  (2016).  On the threshold of Safety:  A qualitative exploration of nurses’ perceptions of factors involved in safe staffing levels in emergency departments.  Journal of Emergency Nursing. Accepted for publication ahead of print on November 8, 2016.

 Niemczewski, J., Polivka, B., Clark, P.  (2016). Evaluating an outpatient diabetes program telephone follow-up process on glycosylated hemoglobin levels.  Journal of Doctoral Nursing Practice, 9(2), 199 – 216.

 Reece, S., Cooke, C., Polivka, B., Clark, P. (2016). Relationship between mock code results on medical/surgical units, unit variables, and RN responder variables. MEDSURG Nursing, 25(5), pp. 335 – 40.

 Hutti, M.H., Polivka, B., White, S., Hill, J., Clark, P., Cooke, C., Clemens, S., Abell, H.  (2016).  Experiences of nurses who care for women after fetal loss.  JOGNN – Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, and Neonatal Nursing, 45, 17 – 27.

 Wolf, L.A., Perhats, C., Delao, A.M., Moon, M.D., Clark, P., Zavotsky, K.E.  (2016). “It’s a burden you carry”:  Describing moral distress in emergency nursing.  Journal of Emergency Nursing, 42(1), pp. 37 - 46.

Wolf, L.A., Carman, M., Clark, P.R.  (2016). Protecting behavioral health research participants in the ED setting:  Issues of consent.  Journal of Emergency Nursing, (42)1, pp. 85-6.

Wolf, L.A., Delao, A.M., Perhats, C., Clark, P., Moon, M.D., Baker, K.M., Carman, M.J., Zavotsky, K.E., Lenehan, G.  (2015). Exploring the management of death:  Emergency nurses perceptions of challenges and facilitators in the provision of end of life care in the emergency department.  Journal of Emergency Nursing, 41(5), e23 – e33.

 Carman, M., Clark, P.R., Wolf, L.A., Moon, M.D. (2015).  Sampling considerations in emergency nursing research.  Journal of Emergency Nursing. 41(2):162-164.

For a complete listing of my publications, go to and

Recent Presentations:

Fitzgerald, E.,Myers, J., and Clark, P.  (2016).  Nurses need not be guilty bystanders: A framework for caring for vulnerable migrant populations in challenging times.  Transcultural Nursing Society 42nd Annual Conference, Cincinnati, OH.  (Podium presentation, October 15, 2016).

Hutti, M.H.,  Polivka, B.J., Clark P.R., White, S., Hill, J., Cooke, C., Jansen, K., and Abell, H. (2015).  A comparison of the caring processes used by obstetric, surgical, and emergency nurses when caring for women with a fetal loss.  2015 AWHONN Annual Convention,  Long Beach, CA. (Podium Presentation June 13, 2015).

Clark, P., Fitzgerald, E., Myers, J.  (2014). Nurses need not be guilty bystanders.  American Public Health Association 142nd Annual Meeting and Expo.  New Orleans, LA (Podium Presentation, November 18, 2014).

Clark, P., Cooke, C., Hutti, M., Polivka, B., Hill, J., White, S. (2014).  ED nurses’ unique experiences when caring for perinatal loss patients.  Research!Louisville, 2014.  Louisville, KY (Poster Presentation, September 19th, 2014)

Clark, P.  (2016)  Care of the Older Adult in the ED after a Fall:  Nursing - Actions for Trauma in the Elderly – Louisville Area Geriatric Nurses Assn.  CEU Presenter

Research Interests:

Health Services Research, Workplace Health, Moral Distress, Resilience, Horizontal Violence, Bullying in the Workplace

Research Activity

Co-Investigator, (2016 – current):  Lateral Violence and Bullying in the Workplace (qualitative research, Institute of Emergency Nursing Research)

Primary Investigator, (2015 – current):  Pediatric Emergency Department Staff Preferences Regarding the Critical Incident Debriefing Process (qualitative research, University of Louisville School of Nursing, Norton Healthcare Institute for Nursing)

Co-Investigator (2015 – 2016):  Emergency Nurses’ Challenges of Working Fatigued (qualitative research, Institute of Emergency Nursing Research)

Co-Investigator (2015 – 2016):  “It’s a Burden You Carry”: Describing Moral Distress in Emergency Nursing (qualitative research, Institute of Emergency Nursing Research)

Investigator (2014 – 2015):  Emergency Nurses’ Perceptions of Challenges and Facilitators in the Provision of End of Life Care in the Emergency Department (qualitative research, Institute of Emergency Nursing Research):


Black and Red Banquet Honoree, (faculty member who inspired student to excel in the classroom)
University of Louisville Athletics Department


Faculty Favorite 2014 - 15, (an outstanding professor nominated by students)
Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning - University of Louisville


3rd Place, Clinical Leadership in Evidence Based Practice Poster
Kentucky Organization of Nurse Leaders 2012 Annual Leadership Conference