Interdisciplinary Humanities

Advisor: Elaine WISE ()

This concentration provides students with a thorough understanding of the theory, methods, and history of the interdisciplinary humanities. Our students train in interdisciplinary work by combining the study of two disciplines or by focusing on a discipline and the culture of a specific historical period. The cultural periods are: Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance, Early Modern, and Modern/Contemporary.


(Minimum of 30 credit hours with a minimum of 15 credit hours at the 600 level—excluding HUM 655, the Directed Study Project, or HUM 645, the Thesis.)

Required Courses

Theories and Methodologies

HUM 609: Interdisciplinary Theory and Methods: Arts & Humanities


HUM 610: Methods and Theories in the Study of Religion

*One of the HUM 591-596 sequence courses (if not fulfilled in undergraduate coursework).

*Students without one of the Humanities 591-596 sequence in their undergraduate coursework may be required to take one of these as part of their required courses.

Concentration Courses

First Core Area (12-15 credit hours) in one of the following areas:

Comparative humanities; art history, literature, classical and modern languages, linguistics, religious studies, Jewish studies, film, music history, philosophy, ancient studies, medieval-renaissance studies, early modern (17th and 18th century) studies, or modern/contemporary studies, theatre arts.

Second Core Area: (9-12 credit hours) in second discipline/area

Graduate Internship (Optional: 3 credit hours)

HUM 650-03

Foreign Language Requirement

Foreign Language Basic Proficiency

Final Project (3 or 6 credit hours)

  • HUM 655 Directed Study (3 credit hours)
  • or HUM 645 Thesis (6 credit hours)

Sample Full-Time Course Sequence

Full-Time First-Year Schedule


  • HUM 609: Interdisciplinary Theory and Methods
  • HUM 594 Perspectives on Modern Culture
  • First Core Area - Course 1
  • First Core Area - Course 2


  • HUM 610 (if appropriate)
  • First Core Area - Course 3
  • First Core Area - Course 4
  • Second Core Area – Course 1


Language Basic Proficiency

Full-Time Second Year Schedule


  • Second Core Area – Course 2
  • Second Core Area – Course 3
  • HUM 653-01 – Graduate Internship or another Core Area course


  • HUM 655 (DSP option) - Defense
  • Core Area 2 Course


  • HUM 645 (6 credit hours)
  • Spring and Summer
  • HUM 645 for Summer Defense

Total Credit Hours: 30 with DSP and 33 with Thesis