M.A. Program

Information about Graduate Studies in the Department of Comparative Humanities

The Department of Comparative Humanities offers an interdisciplinary, comparative, and globally-oriented Master of Arts in Humanities. The Humanities is a field of study that includes a great variety of subjects, such as Literature, Linguistics, History, Philosophy, Religion, Fine Arts, and many others. The MA in Humanities can be undertaken as an intensive two-year program, but there is the possibility of a part-time schedule for students with full-time jobs.

Our graduate students pursue innovative interdisciplinary projects, both under the guidance of the Faculty of the Department of Comparative Humanities and the Faculty from other Departments in the Humanities Division. The Humanities MA Program at U of L includes the Departments of Classical and Modern Languages, English, Fine Arts, History, Philosophy and Theatre Arts, as well as programs in Religious Studies, Jewish Studies and Linguistics, and serves as an umbrella for collaborative efforts among the disciplines.

Our students can choose among three areas of concentration:

These interdisciplinary tracks are designed to provide students with a broad grasp of the arts and humanities with special strengths in selected areas such as Linguistics and Civic Leadership. In each track, students take a minimum of eight or nine classes and either write a Thesis or produce a Directed Study Project as a final product.

Our alumni have gone on to pursue doctoral degrees at the University of Louisville as well as in programs across the nation. Others have gone on to careers in such fields as education and publishing, or are actively engaged in community-based work in the Louisville area.

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