Jewish Studies Courses

Upcoming Courses

Course Title Offered Next
HUM 361 Selected Topics: The Bible in Literature/The Bible as Literature Spring 2024
HUM 361 Selected Topics: Christian, Muslim, and Jewish Thought in the Middle Ages Spring 2024
HUM / HIST 387 The Holocaust, Genocide, and Global Imagination (SBH, D2) Spring 2024

Other Recent Courses

Course Title Offered Last
HUM 220 Introduction to Jewish Cultures (AH, D2) Fall 2023
HUM 309 Survey of Jewish Thought, Religion, and Culture (WR) Spring 2021
HUM 311 Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Fall 2023
HUM 315 Alternative Judaisms (AH, D2) Spring 2023
HUM 317 Modern Jewish Thought Fall 2019
HIST 360 The Origins of Islam Fall 2021
HUM 361 Selected Topics: The Literature of the Holocaust Fall 2023
HUM 363 Special Topics: Jewish Comedy in America and Beyond (WR) Spring 2023
HUM 514 / 614 Perspectives on Religious Coexistence and Conflict: The Middle East in Literature and Film Spring 2023
HUM 561 Selected Topics: Jewish Identity in Graphic Novels Spring 2019

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