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2018 Global Humanities LectureThe Department of Comparative Humanities offers one of the oldest humanities degree programs in the country. Officially established in 1933 to provide an integrated and interdisciplinary cultural background in art, literature, music, theatre, and philosophy, the department continues to pursue its original mission of encouraging students to begin upon what should be a lifelong clarification of values, outlook, and personal philosophy. Based on the conviction that the best education is one that provides students with opportunities to pursue their own interests within a structured program while emphasizing the continuing development of students skills in reading, thinking, and writing, the department faculty works with each major to create individual programs of study that reflect the student's interests and goals.

The Department of Comparative Humanities offers interdisciplinary programs that allow students to combine study of two disciplines or to focus on the culture of a particular historical period. These interdisciplinary programs in the humanities are designed to provide students with a broad grasp of the arts and humanities with special strengths in selected areas. The disciplines include art history, literature, film, history, classical and modern languages, linguistics, music history, philosophy, theatre arts, Jewish studies, and religious studies across the ancient, medieval, Renaissance, early modern, and modern eras.

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Inside Higher Ed, February 7, 2018