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The Department of Comparative Humanities facilitates the discovery, synthesis and application of ideas across disciplines. The department serves as an umbrella for collaborative efforts among the disciplines. The department offers a program as well as interdisciplinary humanities courses that encourage students to examine texts, creative expression and ideas within a cultural context. Students also explore the implication of their studies by learning to shape their own perceptions, ideas and values. Department advisers and professors work with each humanities major to create individualized programs that reflect the student's goals and interests. The Department of Comparative Humanities is pleased to offer Bachelors Degrees in either Cultural or Disciplinary Studies, as well as Minors in Humanities, Religious Studies, Jewish Studies, Film Studies, and Linguistics.  Additionally, we offer certifications in Medieval and Renaissance Studies and ESL (English as a second Language).

The Department of Comparative Humanities Office is located in the Bingham Humanities Building in Room 303. If you have any questions about the Department of Comparative Humanities or our program offerings, feel free to drop by, or contact us!

Office Phone: 502-852-6805

Program Coordinator & Undergraduate Advisor, Dr. Mike Hagan - 502-852-6045

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