Room 300 Policies & Guidelines

To reserve an appointment use the 25Live Classroom and Event Scheduling System.


  1. Scheduling requests for RSOs in good standing must be made by one of two authorized representatives of that organization.
  2. Please check the calendar for room availability before submitting a request.
  3. You must allow a minimum of 15 minutes between events for clean-up/preparation.
  4. Please check the calendar 24-48 hours after your submittal to verify that your event's information is correct.
  5. To schedule an event in Humanities room 300 please use 25 Live.
    • Please also indicate if you will be re-arranging furniture or having additional furniture (chairs, tables, coat racks, etc.) delivered by Physical Plant.
    • Other information is also helpful, i.e., is your event being catered? Please schedule adequate time for set-up and removal. Will audio-visual equipment be set-up and removed by Instructional Support or another UofL unit?
  6. The Department of Comparative Humanities does not supply: o Dry ink markers/ dry ink erasers
    • Audio-visual equipment
    • Extension cords
    • Other presentation and meeting supplies (chalk, flip charts, etc.)


  1. Please check with your department's liaison for the key to room 300 when you are ready to set up for your event. If your department is located outside the Humanities Building please go to the Department of Comparative Humanities office, HUM 303 for entry. If reservation is outside of business hours or if IT request are needed please follow the instructions that are included in your reservation confirmation email.
  2. The room will be clean when you arrive. You must clean-up after your event. If it is necessary for Humanities staff or UofL's custodial staff to clean-up after you there will be a fee of $25. The fee will be charged to the organization or unit which reserved the
  3. Clean-up must include:
    1. Trash. All trash containers should be set outside the room or garbage bags carried to the first floor dumpster.
    2. Catering. Please have catering pick up their equipment and utensils when your event ends. It is your responsibility to notify your caterer.
    3. Tables and chairs. Return the tables and chairs to their customary positions.
    4. Please wipe off the tables.
    5. Erase the whiteboard. Remove any posters or decorations.
    6. Check the floor. Please pick up any trash or debris. You are not required to sweep or vacuum.
    7. Close the blinds.
    8. If there was a spill or the carpet is soiled, please contact custodial services at 852-6241 for clean-up and notify Department staff.
    9. Turn off the lights.
    10. Close the door and make sure it is locked.

Please remember that a $25 fee will be charged if it is necessary for Humanities staff to do your clean-up or the key is not returned. Damages or chargeable custodial services will be billed to the event's department or sponsoring unit. A written notice will be provided to the department or sponsoring unit in the event of charges or costs associated with the replacement or repair of broken equipment, fixtures or furniture. The Chair of the Department may withhold future use of the room from any person or group who refuses to abide by these collegial guidelines.