Student Perspectives

In Spring 2018, Comparative Humanities professors taught 1,145 students in fifty courses and earned a mean score of 4.43 in those courses. The following comments come from students’ evaluations of their courses and instructors.


“I appreciate this course’s discussion of a wide variety of the arts, such as photography and stand–up comedy, which often do not receive the same focus as arts such as music and visual art. The course has also allowed for me to participate in meaningful dialogue regarding the arts.”

“I have loved taking this class this semester! I have learned so much from my professor! She is so sweet and I would recommend her to any of my friends! She makes this class so much fun. I have never been a big fan of reading but since taking this class, it has changed. I have really dived into my writing and she has been my biggest advocator! I can tell a difference in my writing skills compared to the beginning of the semester. She wants her students to do well and encourages each of us to talk in class and speak our mind. She is not afraid to say anything, which I love! I have really enjoyed taking this class with her. :)”

“My professor’s passion for this course and her earnest desire that we do more than just get a banker’s education and learn the material was evident from the introduction of the course which I considered a strength. I also appreciated the fact that she took the time to read and respond personally to our blogs. I know that was time consuming but I looked forward to her comments.”

“Super pleased with this class overall. I have learned much about myself and life through this course. So happy I chose this.”

“I love her! she is very laid back and very understanding. I like that her teaching style seems to be ‘allowing the students to teach each other.’ Which I think it different and cool. Plus I enjoyed writing the creative tale, challenging our imagination was nostalgic. It was like taking a break from being a stressed out student to being chill and creative. great course!”

“My Humanities Professor is an incredibly passionate and intelligent person! I thoroughly enjoyed being taught by him. He showed genuine interest and knowledge in what he would discuss, and it truly made the class very enjoyable.”

“The instructor is great, she always advocates for attendance and discussion in class and is always available to meet outside of class. She really opens up the pathway for fluid conversation between herself and students.”

“My professor is exceptional in his lectures, assignments, discussions, clear in what he expects from his students, knows and is well prepared for the classes he teaches. Excellent instructor!”

“My professor made it a point to constantly encourage us to think about things and be intentional about reading and learning on our own over the course of the semester. He explains ideas clearly and concisely and made the difficult concepts of Greek Mythology fun and interesting to learn. He also made a point to note that although it was an online class that we could go to his office hours any time we needed help. I would highly recommend him and his classes!”

“My Humanities Professor is one of the most intelligent professors that I have had during my time at UofL. His classes are designed to force students to engage their brain and actually think through theories and concepts. He expects his students to work hard, but he is not unreasonable and is extremely willing to help any student struggling. Class discussions were enlightening and I would definitely recommend this class and this professor to my fellow peers.”

“My professor has great enthusiasm, and I enjoy his teaching style. He challenges us without overwhelming us. And his creativity makes the class a unique experience!”

“If there was ever a voyage worth taking, the inside of my professor’s mind would be it. She is simply amazing. Her course is equivalent to a Thomas Merton experience. I spent several hours contemplating on lectures, mesmerized at the amount of knowledge that she has, and of course of the fact that I don't know as much as I think I know. Her feed back to my paper were valuable and deeply appreciated. I know that I can survive graduate school if I can survive her course. She’s amazing.”

“This was my third class with my Humanities Professor and I was again not disappointed. He is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met and has been emerged within the cultures he is discussing for many times. One of my favorite professors I have had while at UofL.”

“Very passionate about the subject of Linguistics, and that carries through to his teaching. He is extremely knowledgeable, and he demonstrates that knowledge exceptionally well. I would recommend this course to anyone just for the experience of learning from my Humanities Professor. It was a pleasure taking his class this semester.”

“My Humanities Professor is an outstanding instructor who is highly engaging and available to his students. I found the class sessions interesting, and the time I spent talking with him in his office was particularly enlightening. I also appreciated the way that he took seriously the interests of the various students in the course. He provided a classroom environment that was welcoming to discussion, and that is so appreciated! Thank you for the excellent course.”