Books by our Graduates

In the Time of Others book cover
In the Time of the Others (2018)
Nadeem Zaman

Up in the Main House book cover
Up in the Main House and Other Stories (2019)
Nadeem Zaman

Catechism book cover
Catechism:  A Love Story (2016)
Julie Marie Wade

The Unrhymables book cover
The Unrhymables: Collaborations in Prose (2019)
Julie Marie Wade, with Denise Duhamel

Same-sexy Marriage book cover
Same-Sexy Marriage (2018)
Julie Marie Wade

When I Was Straight book cover
When I Was Straight (Body Language) (2014)
Julie Marie Wade

Wishbone book cover
Wishbone: A Memoir in Fractures (2010)
Julie Marie Wade

Forest Therapy book cover
Forest Therapy (2018)
Sarah Ivens

Modern Girl's Guide to the Perfect Life book cover
A Modern Girl’s Guide to the Perfect Single Life (2008)
Sarah Ivens

Hermeneutic Ontology in Gadamer and Woolf book cover
Hermeneutic Ontology in Gadamer and Woolf (2019)
Adam Noland