Exclusive Provider Organization Plan

The EPO Plan is limited to Anthem Blue Access PPO Network only.  There is no out-of-network benefit coverage except for a health or life threatening emergency.

This is only a summary. If you want more details about your coverage benefits, you can get the completed terms in the policy or plan document at Anthem BlueCross BlueShield, or view the Plan Summary and Summary of Benefits and Coverage.

Things to consider in choosing this health plan:

    • No out-of-network benefits coverage except for a health or life threatening emergency.
    • No deductible.
    • Member’s copayments accumulate toward the out-of-pocket maximum.
    • Out-of-pocket maximum and benefit limits calculated on a calendar year basis.
    • Out-of-pocket limit is the most you pay. This limit helps you plan for health care expenses.
    • No lifetime maximum benefit provision.
    • Save money by visiting a UofL Primary Care Physician.