Metropolitan College Themed Community

metro college students smiling at world hub and smiling with president of the university


In partnership with the Metropolitan College and UPS Program, tthe Metropolitan College TC brings together students who work third shift at UPS as part of the Metropolitan College program. This residential community provides students the opportunity to engage with each other and with the campus community. Students are able to share advice regarding time management, organization, and work-life balance while attending school and working third shift within UPS. Students are also able to form relationships with other students within Metropolitan College who are faced with similar challenges that include managing sleep schedules and transportation to UPS. Metropolitan College staff members offer one-on-one support by maintaining contact with residents throughout the semester to ensure access to MC benefits. MC staff are available to provide guidance in removing obstacles to achieve academic and career goals as well as aid in completion of the Career and Academic Planning Program.

Note: The Metropolitan College Program does NOT cover the cost of housing. MC only covers the cost of tuition. Housing costs are the financial responsibility of the student

Location: Unitas Tower



  • Housing during the summer and over the institutional closing periods. Students residing in the MC themed housing have access to summer housing options. 
  • Social activities to allow students to engage with other Metropolitan College students and the campus community.
  • Live with students who have a similar schedule to allow for less interrupted sleep schedules and possible carpooling opportunities.
  • Live on a floor with housing staff who are knowledgeable of Metropolitan College students' needs.
  • Facilitation of community engagement among fellow Metropolitan College students.

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