All-Male Themed Community

photo of members doing yoga together in student recreation center and photo of students smiling


In partnership with the PEACC Center, the All-Male Themed Community (AMTC) is designed for those interested in living in an all-male, team-oriented environment.

Location:  Billy Minardi Hall



  • Engage in discussions regarding the male-focused issues both on campus and the larger community, e.g., relationships, domestic violence, etc.
  • Explore traditional and non-traditional masculine culture through programming, service, and respectful dialogue.
  • Connect participants with campus partners that work towards creating safe, inclusive spaces for all students.
  • Provide service to the university and community.

Who can apply?

  • Any male-identified University of Louisville student is welcome to participate in this themed community.
  • Must have a demonstrated ability to be successful in a team-oriented, all male environment, e.g., experience playing organized sports, Boy Scouts, etc.
  • Must be in good standing with the university.
  • All students interested in being part of the AMTC community must complete an application and may be required to meet with the coordinator and AMTC adviser.
  • Students will be expected to meet the financial obligations based on the schedule set up by the University of Louisville Bursar’s Office.