Beth Boehm

Professor & Dean of the Graduate School and Vice Provost for Graduate Affairs


Dr. Beth Boehm was appointed as executive vice president and university provost at the University of Louisville on September 1, 2018 after a brief term as interim provost.  Boehm joined the faculty of the University of Louisville as an assistant professor of English in 1987, and has served in the provost’s office since 2009, serving as associate provost for faculty affairs, vice provost for graduate affairs, and vice provost for academic affairs, in which role she was responsible for both undergraduate and graduate affairs.  She also served as dean of the school of interdisciplinary and graduate studies for eight years before being appointed as interim provost. As executive vice president and university provost, Boehm not only is responsible for setting the university’s course, through collaboration with faculty, staff and students, but also is charged with assuring that it stays on course. The executive vice president and university provost is an advisor to the university president and acts as president during presidential absences.

She has served in a variety of administrative and academic roles at the University of Louisville, including as director of undergraduate studies in English, as director of graduate studies in the Department of English, as vice chair of English, as vice chair and chair of the faculty senate.

Boehm was twice awarded the College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Teaching Award and was selected as a University Distinguished Teaching Professor in 2003.  In 2009, she was awarded for her distinguished service by both the college and the university.

Her recent research has focused on issues in graduate education such as mentoring, reimagining the dissertation, community engagement in graduate education, masters education, and holistic admissions. 

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