Receiving Transfer Credit

1. Transfer in a writing course(s) taken at another university

If you have taken a composition or communication course at another university, this course may meet the first year writing requirement of English 101. If you have taken two composition or communication courses at another university, this second course may meet the requirement for English 102. In no case will a single writing course taken at another university count for both English 101 and English 102 credit.

In most situations, Admissions Transfer Services should be able to determine whether the courses you took at another institution are equivalent to English 101 or English 102 at the University of Louisville. In those cases where admissions is unable to make a determination, you should obtain a syllabus from the writing course you took and ask the composition office to evaluate the course based on similarity to the outcomes stated for English 101 or 102.

Take a careful look at the Outcomes statements for English 101 and English 102 to see if the writing course you took seems to have similar outcomes to UofL's first-year composition courses. Note that UofL's composition courses focus on writing for a range of audiences and purposes and are not limited to the study of literature or to creative writing. Thus, English classes that focus on reading literature or composing creative works of fiction or poetry may not count towards UofL's first-year writing requirement.