Information for Prospective New Instructors

Fact Sheet for Prospective New Instructors

Prerequisites for Teaching Composition at the University of Louisville:

  • Completing English 602 – Teaching College Composition, or having completed its equivalent. English 602 is offered during the Fall semester. New instructors typically take the course during their first semester of teaching. Students from the class, many of whom are experienced teachers, have told us that the course has been a valuable experience for them.
  • A Master’s Degree, or having completed at least 18 hours of coursework at the Masters level and making progress toward an M.A. in English or a related field (such as Linguistics, Humanities, Communication, or Education).
  • Participating in mentor groups for the first year. New teachers meet in small groups (usually four or five) to discuss their teaching. No more than one hour per week, usually less, is involved.

Other information:

  • Current rate of pay (for Fall 2017) is $992.33 per credit hour, or $2977 for a typical three-hour course. (This rate is slightly higher [$1092.33 per credit hour] for an instructor who holds a Ph.D. in the field)
  • Applicants are asked to provide their scheduling preferences, however, seniority and other factors must be taken into consideration when scheduling courses.
  • If you are given a course to teach, you will be asked to sign a contract and to provide the Composition Office with a transcript of your college work and a current curriculum vitae. You will be sent a letter notifying you of your course assignment and a book order to complete and return to the Composition Office. 
  • Instructors who teach at least two courses (6 credit hours) during a semester are eligible for 3 credit hours worth of tuition remission in that semester.
  • If you are interested in applying to teach in the Composition Program, please send a cover letter and current c.v. to the Director of Composition.