MarketingCareers focused on planning, managing, and performing marketing activities to reach organizational objectives.



  1. Marketing Management Pathway - People who formulate policies and direct the operations of businesses and corporations, nonprofit institutions, and other organizations. In small firms, the owner or chief executive officer may assume all advertising, promotions, marketing, sales, and public relations responsibilities. In large firms, which may offer numerous products and services nationally or even worldwide, an executive vice president directs overall advertising, promotions, marketing, sales, and public relations policies.
  2. Professional Sales Pathway - People who are involved in the transfer of goods and services in the economy, both to businesses and to individual consumers.
  3. Merchandising Pathway - People who get the product into the hands of the customer. This process includes forecasting, planning, buying, displaying, selling, and providing customer service.
  4. Marketing Communications Pathway - People who plan, coordinate, and implement marketing strategies advertising promotion and public relations activities. Due to the importance and high visibility of their jobs, these individuals often are prime candidates for advancement.
  5. Marketing Research Pathway - People who are concerned with understanding people and organizations. They collect and analyze many different types of information to design new products, to predict future sales and to position their own company’s strategies against those of its competitors.