ManufacturingCareers focused on planning, managing, and performing the processing of materials into intermediate or final products and related professional and technical support activities such as production planning and control, maintenance and manufacturing, and process engineering.



  1. Production Pathway - People whowork on the shop floor making parts or assembling them. They work with machines, making or assembling electronic parts, constructing or assembling modular housing, performing welding jobs, or printing various materials.
  2. Manufacturing Production Process Development Pathway - People who are responsible for product design and the design of a manufacturing process. They work with customers to ensure the manufacturing process produces a product that meets or exceeds customer expectations. They also monitor the manufacturing process and the materials used to manufacture the product.
  3. Maintenance, Installation & Repair Pathway - People who perform preventive maintenance procedures on machines, tools, and equipment. These are performed routinely and on a regular basis. They also troubleshoot and repair electrical, electronic, and mechanical systems. This will include mechanical repair as well as using computer-based inventory control systems, retrieving information histories on each machine from computer records, and recording repair activities on the system to keep accurate records of repairs performed on each machine.
  4. Quality Assurance Pathway - People who assure that standards and procedures are adhered to and that delivered products or services meet performance requirements. They may have responsibility for monitoring and maintaining the quality of parts and manufacturing processes. This could include identifying the raw product to ensure it meets specifications, as well as measuring or otherwise testing products and parts to ensure they meet required customer specifications.
  5. Logistics & Inventory Control Pathway - People who work with an inventory of raw materials and finished parts. They move raw materials to production line, unload trucks with raw materials, wrap pallets of finished products for shipment, and communicate with traffic managers.
  6. Health, Safety & Environmental Assurance Pathway - People who ensure that the equipment is being used safely in the workplace; plan for safety in new production processes; conduct health, safety and/or environmental incident and hazard investigations; conduct preventive health, safety and/or environmental incident and hazard inspections; and implement health, safety and/or environmental programs, projects, policies or procedures. They may train workers in health, safety and/or environmental issues and provide event documentation.