Restricted Purchases

The University ProCard cannot be used for the following:

  • Airfare - airline tickets should be booked through the Controller's Office's travel agency and charged to the central billing card.
  • Alcoholic beverages are restricted unless pre-authorized and documented as a legitimate entertainment expense as defined in the ProCard Policy
  • Cardinal Card deposits - Cardinal Cash or Meal Plans (ProCards can be used to purchase Departmental Copy Cards)
  • Contracted mail services (i.e. folding, stuffing, sealing envelopes, etc.  Contact Postal Services for details if you are interested in these services.)
  • Contributions/donations (See VP for Finance's policy for donations, memorial gifts.)
  • Controlled substances/narcotics
  • Faculty, staff and student travel:  includes Visas, passports, lodging, meals, gasoline, airfare, immunizations, etc. (Employees must continue to follow the Controller's Office procedures and request reimbursement using a travel voucher. The ProCard must not be used to reserve or pay for travel expenses. For travel related policies, visit the Controller's Office website.)
  • Firearms/Ammunition
  • Furniture with upholstery or fabric furnishings (wall covering, carpet, drapery, etc.) is restricted unless it meets fire code standards (CAL117).  Contact UPDC at 852-6176 for more information.
  • Gasoline, unless purchased in conjunction with a one-day car rental or group van rental.  A Fuel Card must be used to purchase gasoline for university-owned vehicles.
  • Gift Cards, including MC and VISA pre-paid cards, cannot be purchased using a ProCard. (See VP for Finance's policy for purchasing gift cards.)
  • Insurance (property, liability, workers compensation) - Contact Risk Management at 852-6925 for more information.
  • Legal Services
  • Movement of household goods/relocation expenses - see Moving Expense Policy.
  • Office supplies, except from OfficeMax, the university's contracted vendor.  All orders should be placed online through OfficeMax WorkPlace.  See Office Supply Policy.
  • Parking permits, Smart PARC cards.  (Smart PARC cards for employees/students/staff can be purchased through the Parking Office using an IUT.)
  • Payments to individuals requiring a 1099
  • Personal Use
  • Phone Cards
  • Printing - see the printing policy for additional details
  • Products available through University Stockroom (this includes xerographic paper, napkins, cups & plates, etc)
  • Purchases requiring a contract:
      • Entertainment contract, i.e. bands, speakers
      • Equipment maintenance service contracts
      • Educational Training contracts
  • Radioactive material
  • Services subject to Personal Services Contracts; i.e. consultants, legal services, etc.
  • Shipment of hazardous materials - contact Environmental Health & Safety regarding the appropriate method for shipping hazardous materials
  • Student Payments (payments to or on behalf of students must be paid through the Student Financial Aid Office)
  • Temporary Help - contact Human Resources for more information about temporary help.

Guidelines for the purchase and use of personal space heaters

ProCard blocked MCC's (Merchant Category Codes):
The ProCard office has researched transaction activity to determine what MCC's (Merchant Category Codes) are being used and/or what codes are in compliance with policy and procedures.  We have analyzed a series of data which determined what codes would be blocked.  As of March 20, 2009, these MCC codes were officially blocked on all ProCard accounts.

If you find that your ProCard has been declined due to one of the blocked codes when attempting a purchase, the option to unblock the specific MCC code can be granted upon approval from the ProCard Manager.