Retirement Plan Programs

A generous university contribution to a 403(b) plan, whether you choose to contribute or not! Regular status 80% or greater FTE employees are eligible to participate after one year of service.  The university automatically contributes 7.5% of your annual base salary after one year – you contribute nothing.  If you make additional contributions, the university will match up to 2.5%, for a possible university contribution of 10% of your annual salary.  Employer contributions are fully vested after three continuous years of service.  In addition, the university offers two 457(b) plans as additional opportunities to invest pre tax dollars for retirement.

Plan Information

UofL 403(b) Retirement Plan

UofL 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan

State of Kentucky 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan

Waiver for 403(b) Plan

Change Contribution Elections

Retirement Education Options

Retirement Investment One-one-one Consultations

Retirement Workshops and Webinars