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Welcome to the University of Louisville Composition Program.

The Composition Program at the University of Louisville has a long history of helping students develop their composing processes to meet the challenges of writing in their academic, professional, and personal lives. Our courses support students as they use writing to learn, to solve problems, and to communicate with a variety of audiences. From first-year composition through our advanced writing courses, we encourage students to compose in multiple drafts, to seek reader feedback, and to think rhetorically about their writing purpose, context, and audience expectations.

Brenda Brueggemann, Director of Composition

2014 Symposium on Student Writing


Sponsored by the University of Louisville’s Composition Program and Ekstrom Library Learning Commons
Wednesday March 26, 2014

***New Location: Ekstrom Library Learning Commons***
Write. Search. Discover.

All writers search and discover as they uncover what it is they want to say. In the 2014 Symposium, we want to showcase all of the ways in which students use writing as a tool to search and discover. Thus, in our new and expanded format, through poster presentations, oral presentations, and reading their creative writing, we invite students to participate in showcasing their work. Through these multiple formats, we will display the important place that searching and discovering plays in rhetorically effective writing. All types of projects are welcome and we encourage instructors to craft assignments that fit the needs of their class. We look forward to showcasing the work from students in the Composition Program at the University of Louisville in the 2014 Symposium on Student Writing.

Poster Session

Students are invited to design poster presentations that demonstrate the role that searching and discovering plays in the construction of a specific writing project. Poster projects are encouraged to be displayed on tri-fold boards or foam poster boards. We hope to display the posters in the Ekstrom Library Learning Commons before and after the Symposium. Digital posters are also welcome. However, the student must be present while the digital poster is displayed.

Oral Presentation Session

Students are invited to work individually or in groups to design presentations of their work. Presentations may explore the process of searching and discovering that led to the current project.

Creative Writing Reading

Students are invited to share their creative work during the Symposium. Readings lasting between 15 and 20 minutes will be shared in the Bingham Poetry Room. Students interested in participating should email Hollye at by 5:00pm on Friday March 7th.


Questions about 2014 SoSW?

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