Redmed Student User Guide

The above are instructions on how to use the School of Medicine's Curricular management system RedMed which can be found at:

Sign In

Sign in with your Ulink username (i.e. rsblak03) and Redmed password which is not synced with the university password system.

If you have forgotten your Redmed password email and ATO staff will reset it for you. 

Video Tutorial:

How to use Redmed for Medical School and a brief overview of Panopto.

How to subscribe to your Redmed calendar

How to access the Grade Book

To access the grade book, please log into RedMed and choose the “courses” tab at the top of your screen. For this example, you would choose the 2019-20 CADE course. The course page for CADE will appear.  Choose “assessment”, then “grade book”.
The first column is your running course average for whichever course you are logged into.  The next columns are grades for each assignment/exam/quiz.


University Email How To's

How to access, forwarding, selecting primary email account, and more

Check email:

How to Keep your Louisville email address after graduation

Forwarding Louisville Email Messages to an outside Email Account

University Wifi

Students use Eduoroam or ULsecure to connect to any academic building on campus. Click the link below for information on the benefits of both platforms and instructions on how to connect.




New to Mac?

Below are some tutorials to help you get familiar

Navigating your new Mac

Connect to WiFi

Trackpad gestures

Keyboard Shortcuts

Personalize your mac

Use Messages with your Mac

Setup Continuity between your Apple devices

Mac tips for Windows Switchers

Teams Tutorials

All Teams related Tutorials and Documentation

Office 365 Tutorials

Quick Start Guides for All Devices

Getting Started with Adobe Creative Cloud (Free for all faculty, staff and students)

Password Keepers

Last Pass

OneDrive Instructions & Resources

OneNote Documents

Click here for Tutorials

Anki Tutorials:

Anki tutorial for ULSOM



BlueJeans Tutorials

BlueJeans Tutorials Page


Zoom Tutorials

Zoom Tutorials Page


Panopto Tutorials 

Click here for Panopto Documentation and Video Tutorials

Learning Space

Chrome is the preferred browser for

Learning Space Website

Logging in to CAE Learning Space

Clerkship Resources

Allscripts Login:

Cerner Login:

Citrix Receiver Download

M3 Library Resources Portal

M4 Library Resources Portal

BlueJeans Collaboration Tool for Clerkships


How to Install Java and Quicktime plug-ins for Uworld. Prerequisite for Login.

How to Install Java for PC's

How to Install Java and Quicktime for Mac's

M1 Medical Student Library Portal

Acland's Anatomy

Access Acland's Here (Sign in with Ulink username and password)

Visible Body Human Anatomy Atlas 2020 (sign in with Ulink username and password)



SoftChalk Cloud

How to use softchalk to create and collaborate

SoftChalk Cloud Install Instructions

SoftChalk Cloud App Install Directions for Mac


Examplify Installation Instructions 

Advanced Features for Test Taking

Respondus Lock Down Browser

Click here for student instructions


How to use the NBME testing software

Secure Browser Download

NBME Shelf Exam Laptop Certification




UpToDate Access

While logged in to the hospital or healthcare network perform the following instructions: How to reestablish UpToDate mobile app access



Medical School Classroom Tutorials

How to use the B115 table screens

How to use the college breakout room screens