2026 Technology Orientation Recording




How to access, forwarding, selecting primary email account, and more




Macbook Pro Tutorials

Below are some tutorials to help you get familiar


Office 365 


    • Microsoft OneDrive is provided to all students according to the Microsoft Agreement. There is no additional charge. You will sign into your OneDrive account with you university and university password. Instructions: OneDrive Instructions & Resources

OneNote Documents

    • Microsoft OneNote is the preferred note taking software by the majority of medical students. It is not required that you use it. If you have a preferred note taking software feel free to use it. Here are some OneNote tutorials: Click here for Tutorials

Teams Tutorials

    • Microsoft Teams is used by the medical school for third year clinical rotation lecture encounters. Team is also used by students and faculty to collaborate. Zoom is used for first and second year lectures.
    • All Teams related Tutorials and Documentation

Video Tools for Medical School


    • Zoom is the primary video conferencing tool used for M1 and M2. Non-mandatory M1 and M2 classes are hybrid, meaning in-person and remote options. Mandatory classes require in-person attendance only. 
    • Note: M3 and M4 lecture encounters typically use Microsoft Teams or Bluejeans.
    • Zoom Tutorials Page




Anki Tutorials:


Learning Space


Clerkship Resources

    • UofL Health IT: 502-562-3637 
    • Norton IT: 502-629-8911 
    • Jewish IT: 502-562-3637 
    • ULSOM ATO: 502-852-8390 
    • UL Central IT (university ulink account support): 502.852.7997 
    • UofL Health Operator: 502-562-3000 
    • Jewish Operator: 502-587-4011 
    • Norton Children’s Operator: 502-629-6000 


Assessment Tools


NBME Shelf Exam Mac Secure Browser

Respondus Lock Down Browser


Kornhauser Health Sciences Library Portal


Acland's Anatomy

  • M1 students take anatomy (CADE) the first semester of medical school. This is an excellent resource to book mark. 
  • Access Acland's Here (Sign in with Ulink username and password)

Visible Body





Password Keepers

Password keepers and organizers are not provided to students by the university. The password keeper below is our recommendation.