University Email Address For Life

University Email Address For Life

How to keep your Louisville email address after graduation

University Email Address FOR LIFE

Louisville alumni are eligible to maintain their association to the university through Email for Life, our email forwarding service. Messages sent to will be forwarded to the personal email account of your choosing.

To sign up:
1. Obtain a non-UofL email account (for example: Yahoo, Google or Insight)
2. From a web browser go to
3. Sign in using your UofL userid and password
4. From the My Page tab in the Information Technology section select Email Addresses
5. Follow the instructions to begin forwarding email to your non-UofL email account

All alumni who graduated since 1982 already have a ULINK ID (these never expire). If you do not remember your ID or password, please contact the UofL Information Technology helpdesk at (502) 852-7997 or Identify yourself as an alumnus who would like help with setting up email for life. When sending an email, include your full name at the time of graduation, date of birth, and your preferred UofL email name (for example, This information will minimize delays in setting up your forwarding service.

If you graduated prior to 1982, please fill out the following online form to begin the process of setting up Email for Life. It takes approximately one week for us to set up an address. This is a manual process, so please be patient when requesting help using this form.

NOTE: If you are recent graduate this service will not be available until your account has been closed. Generally, student (CardMail) accounts are closed in February and September of each year. You will receive a notification in your CardMail account approximately one week before it is removed.