NBME Shelf Exam Laptop Certification


Examinees testing with personal laptops please perform the laptop certification process. The Workstation Certification utility will check the configuration of the computer to ensure compatibility with web-based testing. The utility is also designed to detect any applications or programs that may be used to compromise exam content. Workstation Certification must be run prior to test day on each computer that will be used for the exam.

It is best to do a full restart before running this certification program to help you have all programs closed. Please note all programs must be closed before running the exam test software, this includes programs like Dropbox and Google drive that auto start on boot. Videos below are to help show you how to close your programs.



Closing Programs: https://youtu.be/BvbctqnxXbI

Closing Dropbox: https://youtu.be/HCdSJqogY98

Closing Google Drive: https://youtu.be/8srNBvmZx1g



Closing Dropbox: https://youtu.be/_fqEfrxZHrc

Closing Google Drive: https://youtu.be/iFhJxe1a-Bw

Running the certification Software:


Go to https://wbt.nbme.org/wbtexam/home and follow the on-screen instructions to run the Secure Browser. Once the Secure Browser is installed, run the application and click “Examinee Personal Laptop Certification”.

MAC EXAMINEES NOTE: If your Mac detects the Secure Browser application as an unidentified developer and does not allow you to open the application, perform the following steps:

1.     In the Finder, locate the Secure Browser application you want to open. The application is downloaded to your “downloads” folder unless you selected a different location.

2.     Press the Control key, and then click the Secure Browser app icon.

3.     Choose Open from the shortcut menu. Click Open. The app is saved as an exception to your security settings, and you will be able to open it in the future by double-clicking it, just like any registered app.

If the test is successful, you will be prompted to launch a sample exam as the final step.


If the test was unsuccessful you will be prompted to bring your laptop to the Chief Proctor or Technical Staff prior to exam or email us at ATOsupport@louisville.edu.

You only get 3 attempts to certify the laptop so once you are our of attempts you must then bring your laptop to the Chief Proctor or Technical Staff prior to exam.