Patricia Smith

Patricia Smith

From: Ames, Iowa. 

Started UL Kent doctoral program: August 2020 

Current position:

October 2019
Project Coordinator

Children's Bureau Quality Improvement Center on Workforce Development 


Master of Science in Social Work
Specialization: Psychosocial Oncology
Kent School of Social Work, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY 

Area(s) of research interest: 

• Sexual behavior and sexual risk avoidance education

• Historical trauma, transgenerational trauma, and historical trauma response  

• First responder trauma, violence against social workers, and social worker safety 

• Non-traditional psychotherapeutic treatment modalities
•Social work practice with clients belonging to subculture and microculture groups 


Faculty mentor: Dr. Anita Barbee

Research Experience: 

Creating Health Adolescents Through Meaningful Prevention Services (CHAMPS) Love Notes Facilitation Team