Brandon Mitchell

Brandon Mitchell_


From: The Upper Peninsula of Michigan. 

Started the Kent School of Social Work Doctoral program: Fall 2020 

Current position: Doctoral Candidate/Graduate Research Assistant

MSW: University of Michigan, 2020

Research interest: Social Work and Education

Faculty mentor: Dr. Emma Sterrett-Hong


Academic Presentations:

Mitchell B. (2022). “We can’t reward those who didn’t do anything”: Media
Representations of the COVID-19 Learning Loss. Round table presentation. The American Educational Research Association Annual Conference, San Diego, CA.

Wiley-Sthapit, C.,  Storer, H., Mitchell, B. (2022)  Healthy at Home?: Constructions of Safety in
Newspaper Reporting of Domestic Violence during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Poster presentation. Society for Social Work and Research.

Jen, S., Barber, S., Mitchell, B., Willey-Sthapit, C. (2022). Discourses of Ageism, Racism, and Gender during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Critical Discourse Analysis Roundtable. Symposium presentation. Society for Social Work and Research.

Frey, A., Kuklinksi, M., Bills, K., Small, J., Forness, S., Walker, H., Feil, E., Seeley, J., & Mitchell, B. (2022). Comprehensive Cost Analysis of First Step Next. Conference Symposium at the Society for Social Work and Research.

Ezekekwu, E., Umar, K., Mitchell, B., Thornewill, J. (2021).  Robust Public Health Preparedness for Preventing the Next Pandemic. Pandemics, Location and Mobility. Ponta Delgado, Azores, Portugal. November 1-2, 2021.

Nash, W., Harris, L.M., Heller, K. & Mitchell, B. (2021). Caregiver Reactions to COVID-19 LTC Visitation Restrictions. American Academy of Nursing’s Health Policy Conference.

Storer, H., Gonzalez-Benson, O., Willey-Sthapit, C., Sarah J., Mitchell, B. (2021) Critical Analyses of Pandemic Discourses to Reimagine a Socially Just Society: Ageism, Domestic Violence, and Migrant Labor in the Context of Coronavirus. Society for Social Work and Research.

Logsdon, A. R., Smith, P. F., Utterback, L., Hibbeler, P., Mitchell, B., Harris, L. M., Castle, B., Kerr, J. C., Crawford, T. N. (2021). Engagement and Linkage to Care Among African American Older Adults Living with HIV/AIDS: Exploring Pre-and Post-Incarceration Experiences. International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry. Champaign, IL. May 19, 2021.

Mitchell, B. 2021. International Education Policy: A Risk and Resilience Perspective. International Social Work and Development (Online Conference).

Mitchell, B., Utterback, L., Logsdon, R. A., Smith, P., F., Hibbeler, P., Harris, L., Castle, B., Kerr, J., Crawford, T. Older African American’s Living with HIV: Patient Identified Markers of  Quality Care.(2021). International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry. Champaign, IL. May 19, 2021.

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Joseph, A., Massey, M., Sanders, J., Mitchell, B. (2021) Childhood adversities and student schooling experiences: An intersectional look at teacher surveillance. The American Educational Research Association Annual Conference.

Mitchell, B., Knauer, H., (2020). Do School Social Worker Certification Requirements Increase Their Presence in Schools. Society for Social Work Research, Washington D.C.

Mitchell, B., Stansbury, C., Knauer, H., (2020). Examining School Social Worker
Influence on Student Disciplinary Outcomes. Society for Social Work Research, Washington D.C.

Gutierrez, L., Inahuazo S., Mitchell, B., (2019). Campus Climate for Latinx Students at a Predominately White Institution During the Trump Administration. Society for Community Research and Action, Chicago, IL.

Barton, M., Asker, J., Mitchell, B., Engstrom, A. & Park, N. (2017). Teaching the Good Life: The effectiveness of Positive Psychology classes in college students’ well-being. Depression on College Campuses Conference. Ann Arbor, MI.


Peer Reviewed Publications:

Mitchell, B. (in press). Newspaper Constructions of the COVID-19 Learning Loss. Critical Education.

Frey, A., Mitchell, B., Kelly, M., McNally, S. (in press). School-Based Mental Health Practitioners: A Resource Guide for Educational Leaders. School Mental Health.

Crosby, S.D., Kniffley, S.D, Mitchell, B., Jones, K., Middleton, J., Caine, A., Vides, B. (in press). “De-colonizing mental health”: Exploring insights from clinicians trained in Kniffley Racial Trauma Therapy. Practice Innovations.

Mitchell, B., & Greer, C. (in press). The COVID-19 Learning Loss: Fact or Stigma? Children &

Altranice, K., & Mitchell, B. (in press). Catalysts of Conscientization Among the Professoriate: A Descriptive Phenomenological Study. Journal of Social Work Education.

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Nash, W., Harris, L.M., Heller, K. & Mitchell, B. (2021). “We Are Saving Their Bodies and Destroying Their Souls.”: Family Caregivers’ Experiences of Formal Care Setting Visitation Restrictions during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Journal of Aging & Social Policy.

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