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bsw apply pictureThe BSW Program Curriculum builds on a liberal arts base. The curriculum is designed to promote the development of generalist social work knowledge and skills in using critical thinking to analyze, plan and implement effective interventions to address complex social problems and the subsequent impact on individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities. Students gain experience through service learning and social work practicum.

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 *Part-time program available (speak with BSW academic advising)

Cardinal Core Curriculum

Effective Summer 2018: Cardinal Core Program - General Education Requirements (

  • Written Communication 6 hrs
  • Oral Communication 3 hrs
  • Quantitative Reasoning (Mathematics) 3 hrs
  • Arts & Humanities (must be in two disciplines) 6 hrs
  • Natural Sciences (must be in two disciplines, one with a lab) 7 hrs
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences 3 hrs
  • Historical Perspective 3 hrs
  • Cultural Diversity (D1 & D2)* 6 hrs*

BSW Supporting Requirements

  • BSW 101 Orientation 1 hr
  • BSW 201 (Introduction to Social Work) 3 hrs
  • BSW 203 Human Biology for Social Sciences 3 hrs
  • BSW 204 Introduction to Social Statistics 3 hrs
  • Introduction to Psychology (PSYC 201) 3 hrs
  • Introduction to Sociology (SOC 201 or SOC 202) 3 hrs
  • Electives (suggested in areas of Social & Behavioral Sciences, Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Foreign Languages) 13 hrs

 BSW Upper Division Requirements

Additional Opportunities

Alcohol and Drug Counseling Track -see attachment

Volunteers of America Mid-States is partnering with the Kent School of Social Work and Family Science to offer a unique scholarship and career opportunity! Contact the BSW Program at for more information.

CW Prep - CW PREP is an innovative workforce development program. The goal of CW PREP is profoundly simple - foster an unparalleled pathway for recruiting, supporting and retaining a vibrant, dynamic child welfare workforce.


Earn a Minor in Latin American & Latino Studies (LALS)

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