Dr. Emma Sterrett-Hong

Associate Professor, Associate Dean of Equity and Inclusion

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Positive relationships with adults in various contexts, such as communities, schools, and workplaces, can have an impact on the health and development of at-risk adolescents and young adults.

Dr. Sterrett-Hong’s program of research seeks to highlight ways to decrease health disparities affecting marginalized youth. Her scholarship sits at the intersections of youth health and development, interpersonal relationships, and implementation science. One main area of Dr. Sterrett-Hong’s research examines the influence of intergenerational relationships and ecological contexts on the psychosocial functioning of adolescents/young adults. For example, she has co –authored empirical research articles on associations between improvements in romantic relationship-oriented behaviors and youth psychological functioning, and on family and extended family protective factors from community violence among low-income youth. In addition, Dr. Sterrett-Hong has conducted multiple studies related to the role of social networks in the mental and sexual health of young sexual minority men of color, including a recent photovoice-based needs and strengths assessment conducted through a partnership with members of the LGBTQ+ people of color performance communities (e.g., Drag and House-Ball scenes) in Louisville.

Dr. Sterrett-Hong’s second area of research is related to the implementation of evidence-based treatments. She has co-authored papers and given presentations on the process and cost-effectiveness of family therapy interventions in child welfare and mental health systems. She also has helped conduct studies on the implementation of evidence-based treatments in mentoring, as well as in substance abuse treatment programs.