The Humanities Minor is an extremely flexible, low-credit-hour minor thatoffers students the opportunity to study linguistics, literature, culture, religion, and film from a global perspective. The critical thinking, writing, and reading skills developed in these courses are invaluable in all careers. Many of the Cardinal Core courses “double count” toward the minor, so students may find that taking several additional courses will give them a minor that enhances their degrees, their careers, and their lives.

Jewish Studies
The Jewish Studies Minor provides a concentration in Jewish history, literature, and religious beliefs and practices from the biblical period to the present, focusing on the ethnic. religious, and cultural diversity of Jews worldwide.

The Linguistics Minor is especially attractive to students majoring in Humanities, English, French, or Spanish, as one or more of the courses can count doubly. However, it will also be attractive to students who wish to teach English as a Second Language, no matter the major, or for those who are preparing to do graduate work in ESL at the College of Education and Human Development or to pursue the Humanities MA with a Concentration in Linguistics and the Humanities.

Religious Studies
Religious Studies courses emphasize world religions and the diverse world. A Religious Studies Minor will broaden your horizons through exploration of world religions through comparative and historical lenses that emphasize their global interactions.