Dr. Brandon McCormack selected for Wabash Anti-Racism Symposium

Picture of Brandon McCormackCongratulations to Dr. Brandon McCormack, Associate Professor of Comparative Humanities and Pan-African Studies, who was selected to participate in “Becoming Anti-Racist and Catalysts for Change,” a virtual symposium hosted by the Wabash Center.

This virtual symposium gathers professors from multiple universities for six sessions (November to June). Participants will meet regularly with colleagues at their respective schools to metabolize, disseminate, and design based upon the discussions with their cohort, with the goal of seeding and inspiring embedded projects in multiple locations about the nature and workings of race, racism, and white supremacy.

Based in Crawfordsville, Indiana, the Wabash Center supports theology and religion faculty and doctoral students reflecting on their teaching practice—in both theological education and undergraduate education, in the United States and Canada. The center facilitates faculty conversations about the goals and processes of teaching and student learning, and its programming develops faculty skills for critical reflection on teaching practice.

For more information on the symposium, please visit https://www.wabashcenter.wabash.edu/programs/symposia/anti-racist/.