Full-Time Faculty Office Hours

V. Joshua Adams Assistant Professor
502-852-1720 HM336A W 11-1 via TEAMS and by appt.
David Anderson Associate Professor 502-852-3050 HM312C T/Th 11am-12:30pm and by appt.
S. Matthew Biberman
Director of the Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture Since 1900
502-852-3052 HM319D T/Th noon-1 and virtual
Beth Boehm
Dean of the Graduate School and Vice Provost for Graduate Affairs
502-852-6159 105 Houchens T/Th 2-4 and by appt.
Karen Chandler
Associate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies
502-852-5568 HM315A MW 10:30-11:30am and by appt.
Amy Clukey

Associate Professor

502-852-2187 HM318A Mondays 3:15-4pm by appt.
Joan D'Antoni Term Instructor 502-852-6857 HMLL4C MWF 7:40-8 and 10-11;, M/W 2-2:30 
Alan Golding Professor 502-852-5918 HM312B Phone, Facetime, Zoom or TEAMS by appt.
Paul Griner Professor 502-852-3053 HM319C T/Th 2:30-3:30
Dale Hachten Term Instructor 502-852-5583 HM318E Virtually, Th 12-2 and by appt
Karen Hadley Associate Professor 502-852-3047 HM317C T/Th 12:30-1:30pm and by appt
Bruce Horner
Endowed Chair in Rhetoric and Composition
502-852-2185 Remote Virtual appts as requested via email
Timothy Johnson Associate Professor 502-852-1687 HM336C On leave Spring 2022
Frank Kelderman
Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
502-852-0509 HM315D On leave Fall 2022
Karen Kopelson
Associate Professor
University Distinguished Teaching Professor
502-852-0508 HM335B W virtual noon-1:30pm; Th in person 4-5:30pm; MF virtual by appt
Deborah Lutz
Morton Endowed Chair
502-852-3057 HM318C M 4-5pm via Zoom and in person on W 3-4pm
Mark Mattes Assistant Professor
502-852-6590 HM335C T/Th noon-1pm and by appt
Kristi Maxwell
Associate Professor
502-852-0504 HM319A By appt
Robin Lee Mozer
Associate Professor, Term
Undergraduate Major Advisor
Internship Director
502-852-4647 HM335D Virtually by appt.
Andrea Olinger
Associate Professor  
Director of Composition
Director of the Watson Conference
502-852-3051 HM320 N/A
Ranen Omer-Sherman Professor 502-852-6842 HUM 203
Megan Poole
Assistant Professor
502-852-1722 HM317B T 11am-1pm; Th 2:30-3:30pm and by appt
Andrew Rabin
Professor & Vice Chair
502-852-1722 HM336B By appt.
Glynis Ridley
Department Chair
502-852-6803 HM315B Virtual, by appt
Susan Ryan
Associate Professor
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, College of Arts & Sciences
502-852-5920 HM304 N/A
Stephen Schneider
Associate Professor
Virtual, by appt.
Mary P. Sheridan
Director of the Commonwealth Center for the Humanities and Society
502-852-1750 HM317A Th noon-1pm and one floating hour by appt
Steve Smith
Term Instructor
502-852-4742 HM321 TEAMS online; T/Th 10am-noon and by appt
Hristomir A. Stanev
Associate Professor
502-852-3048 HM305 Tuesdays, 5:30pm-7pm
Ian Stansel
Associate Professor  
Director of Creative Writing
502-852-4741 HM318D

T/Th 10-11am

Sarah Strickley
Assistant Professor, Term
Faculty Editor, Miracle Monocle


Stevenson 414 T/Th 11am-noon online via TEAMS & by appt
Denise Tanner
Term Instructor




Remote Online by appt.
Joseph Turner
Associate Professor
English Honors Advisor
502-852-3055 HM318B MWF 11am-noon and by appt
Ann Elizabeth Willey
Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education   
502-852-0510 Grawmeyer By appt
Bronwyn T. Williams
Director of the University Writing Center
(on leave Spring 2022)
502-852-2173 Writing Center, Ekstrom Library On leave Spring 2022
Benjamin J. Wilson
Assistant Professor, Term
502-852-0986 HM 335A MW 1-1:30pm; T/Th 11-noon and by appt