Ph.D. Graduates and Dissertations


Boyett, Margaret Ellen: Acting On What We Hear: The Impact Of A Listening Methodology In A Community Literacy ProgramDefended: 4/16/2021. Director: Mary P. Sheridan. Degree: 5/2021.

English, Edward: Imagination in Practice: Writing Studies and the Application of Hospitality. Defended 5/27/21. Director: Bronwyn Williams. Degree: 2021.

Franklin, Joseph: Transnational Writing Program Administration: Mobility, Entanglement, WorkDefended: 4/13/2021. Director: Bruce Horner. Degree: 5/2021.

Jackson, Nichole Claire: Writing Program Administration at Public Liberal Arts CollegesDefended: 4/12/2021. Director: Andrea Olinger. Degree: 5/2021.

Newman, Jessica. The Space Between: Listening Within Difference in Writing Center Consultations. Defended 7/2/21. Director: Bronwyn Williams. Degree: 2021.

Rodriguez, Rachel: A Translingual Approach to the Theory and Practice of Basic WritingDefended: 4/14/2021. Director: Bruce Horner. Degree: 5/2021.


Scheidler, Christopher: Making Modality:Transmodal Composing In A Digital Media Studio. Defended 7/16/2020. Director: Bruce Horner. Degree: 8/2020.


Baumann, Michael: Do LGBTQ-Identified, Postsecondary Writing Instructors Come Out In Their Classrooms? Defended: 10/14/2019. Director: Karen Kopelson. Degree:12/2019.

Nichols, Amy McCleese:  Mapping Rural Literacy Sponsorship Networks: literacy infrastructures and perceptions in Abbyville. Defended: 8/2019. Director: Bronwyn Williams. Degree: 8/2019.

Danner, Patrick: Vital Data: Writing and Circulating Data in Non-Profits. Defended: 4/16/2019. Director: Stephen Schneider. Degree: 5/2019.

Day, Michelle L.: Wounds and Writing: Building Trauma-Informed Approaches to Writing Pedagogy. Defended: 4/16/2019. Director: Mary P. Sheridan. Degree: 5/2019.

Gordon, Layne Porta: Learning and Laboring: Student-Workers' Networked Experiences of Literacy, Agency, and Mobility in the Neoliberal University. Defended: 4/10/19. Director: Bronwyn Williams. Degree: 5/2019.

Hilberg, Jaclyn: Subversive Sponsorship: Organized Literacy Education and the Civil Rights Movement. Defended: 6/17/2019. Director: Stephen Schneider. Degree: 8/2019.

Kumari, Ashanka: Remaking Identities: Perceptions of First-Generation-to-College Rhetoric and Composition PhD Students on Navigating Graduate Study. Defended: 4/15/2019. Directors: Andrea Olinger and Bronwyn Williams. Degree: 5/2019.

Marciniak, Jennifer L.: Brokering Words and Work: Complexities of Literacy Sponsorship in the Oilfields of South Texas. Defended: 11/15/2019. Directors: Bronwyn Williams and Stephen Schneider. Degree: 12/2019.

Udelson, Jonathan Adam: Character Arcs: Mapping Creative Writers' Trajectories into the Composition Classroom. Defended: 5/9/2019. Directors: Andrea Olinger and Bronwyn Williams. Degree: 8/2019.

Wysocki, RichardThe Emergent Matter of Archives: A Rhetorical Investigation of the Queer Formation of the Williams-Nichols Archive. Defended: 4/5/2019. Director: Karen Kopelson. Degree: 5/2019.


Alvarez, Sara del Pilar: Conciencia Bilingue: The Multilingual and Academic Writing Practices of Undocumented Immigrant Activists. Defended: 4/16/18. Director: Bruce Horner. Degree: 5/2018

Echols, Khirsten L.: "Where History Meets the Future": A Historiographic Exploration of Mississippi: The View From Tougaloo. Defended: 4/6/18. Director: Carol Mattingly.  Degree: 5/2018.

Mathis, Keri Elizabeth: Pens, Print and Pixels: Gendered Writing and the Epistolary Genre in Transitional Eras. Defended: 4/17/18. Directors: Debra Journet and Beth A. Boehm. Degree: 5/2018.

Matravers, Laura Sceniak: A Fractured Conversation: The Professional, Scholarly, and Disciplinary Identities of Two-Year College Writing Faculty. Defended: 4/16/18. Director: Bronwyn Williams. Degree: 5/2018.

Tetreault, Laura: "We're Asking You to Show Up": Accountability as Rhetorical Practice for Queer, Feminist, and Racial Justice Allyship. Defended: 4/10/18. Director: Karen Kopelson Degree: 5/2018.


Gramer, Rachel: Stories at Work: Restorying Narratives of New Teacher Identity Learning in Writing Studies. Defended: 4/17/2017. Director: Mary. P. Sheridan. Degree: 5/2017.

Hancock, Meghan: New Genres and New Challenges: Five Interdisciplinary Case Studies of Master's Student Writers. Defended: 4/18/2017. Director: Bronwyn Williams. Degree: 5/2017.

Hartline, Megan: Aspirations into Action: Navigating Structures for Community Engagement at the University of Louisville. Defended: 4/24/2017. Director: Mary P. Sheridan. Degree: 5/2017.

Holladay, Andrew: Articulating the New Normal(s): Mental Disability, Medical Discourse, and Rhetorical Action. Defended: 6/12/2017. Director: Brenda Brueggemann. Degree: 8/2017.

Kareem, Jamila: A Curriculum of Civic Responsibility: Transitioning Black Students to College-Level Writing. Defended: 5/17/2017. Director: Brenda Brueggemann. Degree: 5/2017.

Ludewig, Ashley: The Military Meets the University: Mapping Issues of Literacy Sponsorship Across Military and Academic Settings. Defended: 4/20/2017. Degree: 5/2017.

Rountree, Travis: Hard to See Through The Smoke: Rhetorical Depictions of the 1912 Hillsville, Virginia Courthouse Shootout in Public and Collective Memory. Defended: 4/19/2017. Degree: 5/2017.


Chamberlain, Elizabeth:"If this Stuff Matters, Why Isn't It Being Shared?": Citations, Hyperlinks and Potential Public Futures of Online Writing in Rhetoric and Composition. Defended: 11/21/16. Director: Mary P. Sheridan. Degree: 12/14/16.

Ferris, Harley: "This Machine Kills Fascists": The Public Pedagogy of the American Folk Singer. Defended 7/19/16. Director: Stephen Schneider. Degree: 8/9/16

Kelley, Brittany: To My Betas, Endless Chocolate Frogs!: Exploring the Intersections of Emotion, the Body, and Literacy in Online Fanfiction. Defended 12/11/15. Director: Bronwyn Williams. Degree:5/14/16

Perry, Kathryn:Stories of Single Mothers: Narrating the Sociomaterial Mechanisms of Community Literacy. Defended 4/14/16. Director: Bronwyn Williams. Degree: 5/14/16.

Weaver, Stephanie: The Available Means of Imagination: Personal Narrative, Public Rhetoric, and Circulation. Defended: 7/18/16. Director: Bronwyn Williams. Degree: 8/9/16

Winck, Jessica: Amused Teachers and Public Readers: Empathy and Derision in 'Student Blooper' Collections. Defended: 7/28/16. Director: Bronwyn Williams. Degree: 8/9/16


Bardolph, Megan: Language Difference and Expansive Learning: Negotiating Concepts, Contexts, and Identities in Writing-Related Transfer Studies. Defended 5/1/2015. Director: Bruce Horner. Degree: 5/2015.

Bender Smith, Ashly: A Few Good Men and Women: The Rhetorical Constitution of Military Personnel Identity. Defended 3/12/2015. Director: Bronwyn Williams. Degree: 5/2015

Bogart, Benjamin: Doing Time by Conceiving Space: The Rhetorical Cartographies of Imprisoned Writers. Defended 8/11/2015. Director: Stephen Schneider. Degree: 8/2015.

Lueck, Amy: "A Polished, a Practical, or a Profound Education": The Negotiation of (Gendered) Rhetorical Literacies and Higher Learning in Louisville's First Free Public High Schools, 1856-1896. Defended 4/2/2015. Director: Karen Kopelson and Susan Ryan. Degree: 5/2015

Paudel, Hem Sharma: Mediation in Literacy: Language, Technology, and Modality. Defended 7/28/2015. Director: Bruce Horner. Degree: 8/2015.

Wright, Hollye: Hidden Sites of 'First-Year' Composition: What Do We Mean When We Say 'AP'? The Diversity of Practices in AP English Language and Composition Courses. Defended 3/9/2015. Director: Bronwyn Williams. Degree: 5/2015

Wetherbee, Benjamin: Places in the Polity of Rhetoric: Topoi, Evolution, and the Fragmentation of Discourse. Defended 11/16/2015. Director: Karen Kopelson. Degree 12/2015


Howard, Shannon: "My Watch Begins": Identification and Procedural Rhetoric on Second Screens and Social Networks. Defended 3/3/2014. Director: Bronwyn Williams. Degree: 8/2014

Karega-Mason, Joy:Servants of My People First: An Examination of the Political Literacies of the Black Liberation Front International (BLFI), 1969-1973. Defended: 4/11/2014 Director: Bruce Horner. Degree: 5/2014

Kilfoil, Carrie:The Language Politics of Doctoral Studies in Rhetoric and Composition: Toward a Translingual Revision of Graduate Education in the Field. Defended 4/14/2014. Director: Bruce Horner. Degree:5/2014

Lamsal, Tika: Literacies in Globalized Contact Zones: (Re)imagining Translingual and Transcultural Identities of Bhutanese Refugees in the U.S. Defended: 7/22/2014. Director: Bruce Horner Degree: 8/2014

Nordquist, Brice: Composing College and Career: Mobility, Complexity and Agency at the Nexus of High School, College and Work. Defended: 6/13/2014 Director: Bronwyn Williams. Degree: 8/2014

Olson, Barrie: Yours, Mine, and Ours: Confronting the Originality Burden Through Remix and Intertexuality. Defended: 8/6/2014. Director: Debra Journet. Degree: 8/2014

Rose, Kennie: Transfer and the Commodification of Practice. Director: Joanna Wolfe. Degree: 12/2014

Sobiech, Michael : The Ethos of Conspiracy Argument: 'Character' as Persuader in Conspiracy Rhetoric.Defended 4/14/2014. Director: Debra Journet. Degree: 5/2014

Vance, John: Pedagogy: Reconsiderations and Reorientations. Defended 9/17/2013. Director: Bronwyn Williams. Degree: 12/2014

Wiles, Matthew: Prompting Discussion: Writing Prompts, Habits of Mind, and the Shape of the Writing Classroom. Defended 11/5/2014. Director: Bronwyn Williams. Degree: 12/2014.

Wilkinson, Caroline: Competing Conceptions of Literacy: Intersections in a Dual Credit Writing Program. Defended 2/14/2014. Director: Bronwyn Williams. Degree: 5/2014


Bou Ayash, Nancy: Translingualism in Post-Secondary Writing and Language Instruction: Negotiating Language Ideologies in Policies and Pedagogical Practices. Defended: 4/17/13. Director: Bruce Horner. Degree: 5/2013.

Corbett, Patrick: Linking the Procedural to the Personal: Gaming Literacies and Their Practice in a Counter-Culture MMORPG. Defended: 12/4/12. Director: Debra Journet. Degree: 5/2013.

Detmering, Laura: Literacy and Identity in Popular and Participatory Culture. Defended: 12/3/12. Director: Bronwyn T. Williams. Degree: 5/2013.

Dietz, Jason: Exploring the Interaction of Explicit, Genre-Based Instruction with Antecedent Genres and Student Engagement. Defended 4/8/13. Director: Debra Journet. Degree: 5/2013.

Dowell, Matthew:Ideologies of Response in Composition Classrooms. Defended 8/1/2013. Director: Bruce Horner. Degree 8/2013

Mahaffey, Dexter:The Rhetoric of Africa: Historical Turns in Constructing a Continent, 1780-1890. Defended 8/7/2013. Director: Carol Mattingly. Degree: 8/2013

McGaughey-Summers, Deanna: Navigating the Field: An Examination of Rhetorical Spaces in the Journal of Sex Research. Defended 11/26/2013. Director: Karen Kopelson. Degree 12/2013

Terry, Robert: Discursive Affordances: Police, Transfer, and the Performance of Identity. Defended 8/2/2013. Director: Joanna Wolfe. Degree: 12/2013

Williams, Mark Alan: Transformations: Material Terms for Writing on Religion in Composition Classrooms. Defended 04/10/13. Director: Min-Zhan Lu. Degree: 5/2013.


Brazeau, Alicia: Subscribing to Literacy: Writing Instruction in Turn-of-the-Century American Periodicals. Defended 4/2/12. Director: Carol Mattingly. Degree: 5/2012.

Sharma, Ghanashyam: Ideological Tensions, Pedagogical Gaps: Multilingual Engineering Scholars’ Response to Language Variation in Academic Writing. Defended 6/25/12. Director: Joanna Wolfe. Degree: 8/2012

Roper, Kem: From the “War on Poverty” to Reagan’s “New Right,” What’s in a Name? The Symbolic Significance of the “Welfare Queen” in Politics and Public Discourse. Defended 11/16/12. Director: Debra Journet. Degree: 12/2012.


Arnold, Lisa R.: Historiography, Disciplinarity, and the Future(s) of Composition. Defended: 04/11/11. Director: Karen Kopelson. Degree: 5/2011.

Hanly, John P.:Being at Home in the University: Locating the Ethical Subject of Composition. Defended 07/13/11. Director: Debra Journet. Degree: 8/2011.

Kraemer Sohan, Vanessa: Thinking Differently about Language Difference: Relocalized Listening . Defended 11/28/11. Director: Bruce Horner & Min-Zhan Lu. Degree: 12/2011.

Leake, Eric:In Another’s Words: On the Promises and Paradoxes of Rhetorics of Empathy. Defended 07/28/11. Director: Bronwyn T. Williams. Degree: 8/2011.

NeCamp, Samantha:The Moonlight Schools: Adult Literacy Education in the Age of Americanization.Defended 3/29/11. Director: Carol Mattingly. Degree: 5/2011.

Rogers, Scott L.:Writing Out the Storm: Post-traumatic Pedagogy and the Work of Composition. Defended 3/22/11. Director: Bruce Horner. Degree: 5/2011.

Romesburg, James:Retrograde Movements and the Educational Encounter: Working-Class Adults in First-Year Composition. Defended 07/27/11. Director: Bronwyn T. Williams. Degree: 8/2011.


Alexander, Christopher:"Subject to Change" – The Composition Course Syllabus and Intersections of Authority, Genre, and Community . Defended 04/12/10. Director: Karen Kopelson. Degree: 05/10.

Blackmon, Phillip:Literacy, protest, and empowerment: 19th- & 20th-century African-American letter-writing rhetoric . Defended 4/1/10. Director: Carol Mattingly. Degree 05/10.

Block, Rebecca: Reading Aloud in the Writing Center: A Comparative Analysis of Three Tutoring Methods . Defended 03/29/10. Director: Joanna Wolfe. Degree 05/10.

Britt, Cynthia E.:Rachel Carson and Nature as Resource, Object, and Spirit: Identification, Consubstantiality, and Multiple Stakeholders in the Environmental Rhetoric of the Conservation in Action Series. Defended 8/6/10. Director: Debra Journet. Degree: 08/10.

Heintzman, Anne:Insiders or Outsiders?: Post-Reconstruction Institutionally-Sponsored African American Literacy. Defended 03/26/10. Director: Carol Mattingly. Degree: 05/10.

Kiernan, Julia:Cultivating our Mosaic: Understanding the Language Choices of Canadian Immigrant Students. Defended 11/18/10. Director: Bruce Horner. Degree: 12/10.

Allison Egnew Smith: Writing in/on the Borderlands: (Basic) Writers and the Writing Center. Defended 8/6/10. Director: Carol Mattingly. Degree: 08/10.

Robinson, Michelle: "Still I rise!": The impact of public discourse on the development of public schools for African Americans in Louisville, Kentucky 1862-1872. Defended 03/03/10. Director: Carol Mattingly. Degree: 05/10.


Adkins, Tabetha: "In the Wor(l)d But Not Of It": Literacy Practices of an Amish Community in Southeast Ohio. Defended 04/06/09. Director: Karen Kopelson. Degree 05/09.

Coaplen-Anderson, Carrie:How Katrina Survivors Write Home: Writing, Identity, and Place. Defended 07/31/09. Director: Bronwyn T. Williams. Degree 08/09.

Iancu, Anca:Visible Invisibility: Literacy Practices of Non-English Speaking European-American Immigrant Women (1850-1930). Director: Carol Mattingly. Degree 05/09.

Neaderhiser, Stephen:"Metaphors We Teach By": Representations of Disciplinary and Teacherly Identity. Defended 8/3/09. Director: Karen Kopelson. Degree 08/09.

Otto, Peggy:The Shirt Factory Narratives: Case Studies in Gendered Literacies. Defended 12/8/08. Director: Debra Journet. Degree 05/09.

Ware, Karen:Ultrakinetic Anime Texts: Revisioning Composition Theory and Exploring Visual Rhetoric Pedagogy. Defended 08/11/09. Director: Brian Huot. Degree 08/09.

Wright, Susan: The Discourse of Fan Fiction. Defended 12/05/08. Director: Debra Journet. Degree 05/09.


Borton, Sonya:Multimodal Composing and Academic Literacy: How Instructors and Students Articulate Their Criteria for Multimodal Assignments in First Year Composition. Defended 8/04/08. Director: Joanna Wolfe. Degree 8/08.

Brown, Meredith:Breaking into the Tutor’s Mailbox: An Investigation into Strategies Used in Writing Center Tutorials. Defended 7/14/08. Director: Carol Mattingly. Degree 8/08.

Frost, Alanna:The Literacy Practices of Nazko Women: Composing Culture in a Carrier Community. Defended 6/26/08. Director: Carol Mattingly. Degree 8/08.

Griffin, Jo Ann:Distance Learning Technologies and Writing Center Conferences: a Comparative Analysis of Three Methods for Delivering Consultations at a Distance. Defended 8/04/08. Director: Carol Mattingly. Degree 8/08.

Hamilton, William (Bill):Defining the Margin as Affirmation -- Writing Instruction at Central State University: A History of Empowering Cultural Difference and Effective Learning. Defended 12/05/08. Director: Carol Mattingly. Degree 12/08.

Myatt, Julie:Conglicting Identities? Female Students, Film Representations, and Feminist Composition Pedagogies. Defended 8/04/08. Director: Karen Kopelson. Degree 8/08.

Prys, Rene:A Diagnosis of Power: Writing in the World of Nursing. Defended 4/7/08. Director: Joanna Wolfe. Degree 5/08.


Fleischer, Stephanie: Playing with Identity: The Role of Narrative, Identity, and Literacy in Role-Playing Gaming. Defended 7/9/2007. Director: Debra Journet. Degree 8/07.

Keller, Dan: Literacies in Transition: The Reading Practices of Entering College Students. Defended 3/19/07. Director: Bronwyn Williams. Degree 5/07.

Pedersen, Anne-Marie: Globalized Research Writing in Jordan: Negotiating English Language and Culture. Defended 4/3/07. Director: Carol Mattingly. Degree 5/07.

Smitherman, Carrie: Oral Histories of the National Writing Centers Association: A Look at Group Dynamics. Defended 11/12/07. Director: Carol Mattingly. Degree 12/07.

Tucker, Marcy: Female Working Class Academics and the Language of the Academy. Defended 5/3/07. Director: Pamela Takayoshi. Degree 5/07.


Alexander, Kara:Literacy Narratives Unveiled: Rhetorical Appeals, Shared Stories, and Social Class. Defended 04/05/06. Director: Joanna Wolfe. Degree 5/06.

Nichols,Dana:Democratizing Diversity: Race, Rhetoric, and Conflict in the University. Defended 04/10/06. Director: Bronwyn Williams. Degree 5/06.

Pandey, Iswari: Imagined Nations, Re-Imagined Roles: Literacy Practices of South Asian Immigrants. Defended 07/13/06. Director: Bronwyn Williams. Degree 8/06.

Powell, Elizabeth: Spoken Discourse in Collaborative Writing Groups. Defended 07/07/06. Director: Joanna Wolfe. Degree 8/06.

Skinner, Carolyn: Delicate Authority: Ethos in the Public Rhetoric of Nineteent-Century American Women Physicians. Defended 04/04/06. Director: Carol Mattingly. Degree 5/06.

Toscano, Aaron:Positioning Guglielmo Marconi’s Wireless: A Rhetorical Analysis of a Monumental Early Twentieth Century Technology. Defended 07/07/06. Director: Debra Journet. Degree 8/06.

Thoune, Darci:Act Your Age: Age, Gender, and Instructor Identity in the Composition Classroom. Defended 03/28/06. Director: Bronwyn Williams. Degree 5/06.

Wexler, Steven:Rhetorics of Globalism. Defended 09/13/06. Director: Marc Bousquet. Degree 12/06.


Butsch, Richard: Against Fragmentation: The Case for Writing Across the Curriculum in the Community College. Defended 06/22/2005. Director: Professor Tom Van. Degree 08/05.

Carpenter, Richard:You and I/Me and Not-Me: Romantic Love and the Relational Self (A Literacy Study). Defended 11/10/2005. Director: Professor Bronwyn Williams. Degree 12/05.

Crane, Mark:Social Literacies in the Networked Classroom. Defended 07/29/05. Director: Professor Bronwyn Williams. Degree 08/05.

Dick, Rodney:Does Interface Matter?: A Qualitative Study of Web Authoring and Editing by Inexperienced Web Writers. Defended 05/27/05. Director: Professor Geoff Cross. Degree 12/05.

Grady, Kelli:ESL Students and the Complex Practices of Cultural Positioning. Defended 08/02/05. Director: Professor Bronwyn Williams. Degree 08/05.

Hess, Mickey:From Bricks to Billboards: Race, Rhetoric, and the Hip-hop Career. Defended 09/16/2005. Director: Bronwyn Williams. Degree 12/05.


Brown, Jacqueline: Beguiling Beginnings and Dialectical Salvaging: The Presidential Inaugural Speech and African American Leader's Speeches. Defended 06/17/04. Director: Carol Mattingly. Degree 08/04.

Carter, Christopher: Rhetoric and Resistance in the Corporate Academy. Defended 07/15/04. Director: Marc Bousquet. Degree 08/04.

Edgington, Anthony: Reflecting on Teacher Response. Defended 06/15/04. Director: Brian Huot. Degree 08/04.

England, Amy: Teachers' Approaches to Referencing and Plagiarism: Theory and Practice. Defended 06/15/04. Director Brian Huot. Degree 08/04.

Ervin, Christopher: Cultivating Green Ethos: Organic Rhetoric in the Mainstream Market. Defended 06/28/04. Director: Carol Mattingly. Degree 08/04.

Newton, Camille:Discourse Negotiation and Identity Construction in Preparing Future Faculty Programs. Defended 4/15/04. Director: Beth Boehm. Degree 5/04.

Powell, Annette: The Politics of Practice and Meaning: Theorizing Access and Digital Literacy. Defended 4/28/04. Director: Pam Takayoshi. Degree 5/04.

Schweitzer, Leah:Writing in the Crossoads: Examining First-Year Composition and Creative Writing. Defended 4/16/04. Director: Bronwyn Williams. Degree 5/04.

Wills, Katherine:A Study of Technological Literacy in Writing Programs. Defended 4/12/04. Director: Pam Takayoshi. Degree 5/04.


Susan Ghiaciuc: Shifting Literacies: Investigating Bilingual Latino Children's Literacy Practices. Defended 8/1/03. Director: Brian Huot. Degree 12/03.

Linda Holt: Portfolios in the Contact Zone: Intersections of Meaning. Defended 4/7/03. Director: Brian Huot, Degree 5/03.

Monica Luebke:Constructions of the Sophists: "Paths Taken" and "Paths Not Taken". Defended 7/30/03. Director: Mary Rosner. Degree 12/03

Laura Bartlett Snyder:The Rhetoric and Composition of the Corporate University: Literacy, Labor, and Subjectivity. Defended 9/26/03. Director: Marc Bousquet. Degree 12/03.


Vicki Hester:Emergent Theories of Assessment and Response: Thinking through Metaphor/Thinking through Theory. Defended 5/28/02. Director: Brian Huot. Degree 8/02.

Susan Popham: The Intersection of Medicine and Business. Defended 8/3/01. Director: Geoffrey Cross. Degree 5/02.

Anthony Scott:Dear Reviewer: Reflective Writing as an Institutional Genre. Defended 12/14/01. Director: Debra Journet. Degree 5/02.


Baker, Anthony D.:Theorizing Student Reflection in Composition. Defended 7/17/01. Director: Brian Huot. Degree 8/01.

Catalano, Timothy D.:Community, Composition, and Curricular Reform: A Learning-Community Case Study. Defended 3/27/01. Director: Julia Dietrich. Degree 5/01.

Hall, Robert Mark:The "Oprahfication" of Literacy: Reading Oprah's Book Club. Defended 6/26/01. Director: Debra Journet. Degree 8/01.

Neal, Michael R.: The Real Costs of Writing Assessment: Validity, Technologies, and Social Consequences, Defended 6/26/01. Director: Brian Huot. Degree 8/01.

Phillips, Cassandra Mach: The Politics of Constructing, Enacting, and Measuring Community Literacies: An Instructors "Elastic Environment". Defended 4/16/01. Director: Brian Huot. Degree 5/01.

Pounds, Buzz R.: Student/Teacher T(t)heories of Writing and Language. Defended 8/17/01. Director: Brian Huot. Degree 12/01.


Gresham, Sallie Morgan: Feminist Dialectics: Mapping the Landscape of Computer-Mediated Conversation. Defended 8/18/99, Director: Pam Takayoshi. Degree 12/00.

Mulder, Mary M.:Toward a Theory of Ethical Values in Freshman Composition: The Contribution of the Liberal Arts Tradition. Defended 12/6/99. Director: Debra Journet. Degree 5/00.

Powell, Katrina M.:Crossing Boundaries: Self-representation Across Multiple Genres - An Activity Theory Analysis. Defended 5/10/00. Director: Debra Journet. Degree 5/00.

Ramey, John "Jack" W.:The Confluence of Visual and Verbal Rhetoric: Toward a Pedagogical Theory of the Imagetext. Defended 6/23/00. Director: Pam Takayoshi. Degree 8/00.

Schendel, Ellen E.: Writing Assessment as Social Action. Defended 5/11/00. Director: Brian Huot. Degree 5/00.


Cauthen, Cramer "Randy" R.:Threshold Questions: An Ethnography of a Beginning Legal Writing Course. Defended 5/10/99. Director: Brian Huot. Degree 8/99.

Goodwill, Sanoma I.:Revision Processes of Upper-Division Undergraduates in Three Content Courses. Defended 5/13/99. Director: Dennis Hall. Degree 8/99.


Butsch, Pamela:Revitalizing Basic Writing With a Pedagogy of Play. Defended 11/17/98. Director: Julia Dietrich. Degree 12/98.

Cox, Gary: An Investigation of the Historical Warrants for the Oral/Literate Paradigm. Defended 4/29/98. Director: Mary Ellen Rickey. Degree 5/98.

Egginton, Wynn: The Negotiation of Authority in "Empowering" Classrooms: Case Studies of composition Instructors. Defended 3/5/98. Director: Julia Dietrich. Degree 5/98.

Harper, Todd:Revolution or Colonialism: The Role of English Studies in the Writing Across the Curriculum Movement. Defended 8/28/98. Director: Brian Huot. Degree 8/98.

Kreth, Melinda:Writing, Learning, and Persuading: The Experiences of Women Engineering Co-op Students. Defended 7/15/98. Director: Debra Journet. Degree 8/98.

Mathison-Fife, Jane:Writing, Cultural Critique and Rhetorical Positioning in a First-Year Composition Class. Defended 7/27/98. Director: Debra Journet. Degree 8/98.

Moore, Cynthia L.: Re-Writing the Academy: Issues of Voice, Identity, and Authority in the Feminist Composition Classroom. Defended 6/8/98. Director: Julia Dietrich. Degree 8/98.

O'Neill, Peggy A.:Writing Assessment and the Disciplinary Formation of Composition. Defended 7/23/98. Director: Brian Huot. Degree 8/98.

Payne, Scott:Student Writers and Audience Heteroglossia in the First-Year Classroom. Defended 8/21/98. Director: Debra Journet. Degree 8/98.

Pfeffer, Carole:Conceptions/Definitions of Literacy in Secondary Teacher Education for English Majors: A Case Study. Defended 6/26/98. Director: Brian Huot. Degree 8/98.

Sewell, Lauren:First-Year Teaching Assistants and the Web of Authority Negotiation. Defended 8/20/98. Director: Debra Journet. Degree 8/98.


El Rouaiheb, Diane:Argumentation as Self-Negotiation: (Re)considering Argument for the Feminist Classroom. Defended 11/7/97. Director: Julia Dietrich. Degree 12/97.

Johnson, Thomas R.: Composing Pleasure. Defended 1/24/97. Director: Thomas Byers. Degree 5/97.

McEachern, Robert W.: Grant writing in an Arts Organization: A Sociocognitive Inquiry. Defended 5/7/97. Director: HildyMiller. Degree 5/97.

Wu, Ruoyi:Genre/Culture Relations: Self Presentation in Autobiographical Writing of ESL Students. Defended 5/14/97. Director: Hildy Miller. Degree 12/97.


Conway, Glenda:Discourse in the Judicial Opinion: A Bakhtinian Approach to Voice and Ideology in U.S. Supreme Court Opinions. Defended 6/28/96. Director: Debra Journet. Degree 8/16/96.

Lloyd, Keith S.: Argument, Logic, and Reasoning: Implications Within Toulmin's Model and Feminist Understandings. Defended 7/15/96. Director: Julia Dietrich. Degree 8/16/96.

Young, Sandra G.: Nursing Students and Creative Writing. Defended 5/8/96. Director: Dennis Hall. Degree 5/96.


Callahan, Susan F.:State Mandated Writing Portfolios and Accountability: An Ethnographic and Case Study of One High School English Department. Defended 7/11/95. Director: Brian Huot. Degree 8/18/95.

Davis, Frank A.:A Study in Global Coherence for the Teacher of Composition. Defended 11/4/94. Director: Dennis Hall. Degree 8/18/95.

Detweiler, Jane A.:Narrative Rhetorics: 'Storied' Inquiry and Research Identity in Naturalistic Studies. Defended 12/95, Director: Debra Journet. Degree 12/95.

Edwards, Lynnell Major: Ethos, Resistance and Writing: Student Authority in the Multicultural Classroom. Defended 4/7/95. Director: Debra Journet. Degree 5/13/95.

Richmond, Michael D.: Isocrates' Panegyricus and the Argument of Poverty and War. Defended 2/10/95. Director: Thomas Van. Degree 5/13/95.

Strain, Margaret M.:Toward a Historiography of Composition, 1960 - 1970. Defended 8/9/95. Director: Debra Journet, Degree 8/18/95.


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