English 306: Business Writing

The focus of English 306 is recognizing and responding in writing to different rhetorical situations in the professional world. A student in English 306 should expect to create and revise documents that incorporate elements of critical thinking as well as demonstrate intellectual and professional standards of effective communication. A student in English 306 should expect to complete four-to-six projects.

By the end of English 306, students should demonstrate the ability to produce writing that:

  • Appropriately responds to specific business writing situations with an understanding of context, purpose, and audience
  • Reflects an analysis of workplace problems and proposes clear, precise, and innovative solutions for a specific audience
  • Incorporates accurate and relevant evidence that supports well-reasoned solutions to workplace problems with a depth and breadth of significant, well-researched information
  • Demonstrates the ability to consider co-workers' perspectives with intellectual fairness, empathy, and humility
  • Adheres to professional standards and conventions of business communication genres such as letters, reports and resumes
  • Indicates the perseverance to revise writing to achieve clarity, precision, and appropriate tone, considering multiple perspectives and sensitivity to cultural differences
  • Incorporates a knowledge of document design, including the implementation of various principles of format, layout, and design of professional visual/verbal documents that meet multiple needs
  • Reflects a control of the editing process, including the production of documents which exhibit concise language, appropriate format, proper sentence structure, and standardized grammar.