UofL Writing, Editing & Publishing Lab

Let's imagine an all-too-frequent scenario, shall we? You find yourself at a social gathering and someone decides to interrogate your choice of major. Look, it happens to the best of us, but the trick is to come prepared. Here's a script for your next doubt-filled rendezvous:

Q. What are you going to do with a degree in English?

A. A degree in English will give me a robust repertoire of skills applicable to careers in editing, publishing, marketing, writing, organizing, teaching, nonprofits, law, and more.

Q. Don’t you need specialized training to land jobs in those fields?

A. Lucky for me, many of my courses in English include in-depth training that feature real-world writing experiences that I can include on my resume. I also have access to UofL’s Writing, Editing, and Publishing Lab.

Q. What’s UofL’s Writing, Editing, & Publishing Lab?

A. I’m so glad you asked! Let’s take a quick tour:

The Lab’s mission is simple: to support students interested in pursuing careers in writing, editing, and publishing by granting them access to training modules, hands-on work experiences, online resources, and badging/credentialing opportunities that will help them to become excellent candidates for hire. 

These resources will be made available to any student currently enrolled in English at the University of Louisville, but graduates of our programs in creative writing, professional and public writing, literature, or rhetoric and composition will also have free and unlimited access to Lab materials. 

Students who engage with the Lab, whether by enrolling in lab-enriched courses or by contacting faculty involved in its administration might choose to engage with opportunities that include but are not limited to:

  • Serving on the staff of a literary journal, Miracle Monocle
  • Earning credentialing badges in the Adobe Suite of software 
  • Accessing an archive of sample cover letters, resumes, statements of purpose, and more
  • Training in the art of grant writing 

To learn more about UofL’s Writing, Editing, and Publishing Lab, email .