Starting Summer 2017, students will have the exciting new opportunity to pursue a B.A. with a concentration in sustainability.

UofL has a long-standing commitment to sustainability, exemplified by the formation of the Sustainability Council in 2008. UofL was the first school in Kentucky to achieve a Gold rating according the the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS), continues to hold the highest STARS rating in Kentucky. 

Students at UofL have previously had the opportunity to take sustainability courses, and a graduate degree program was made available last year.  Increasing student demand, as well as initiatives by faculty and staff, has helped propel the launch of the B.A. in sustainability. 

The program will offer an interdisciplinary approach to understanding sustainability, and students will learn from a wide variety of faculty expertise.  The program will be linked with the Sustainability Scholars and researches, the Kentucky Institute for the Environment and Sustainable Development (KIESD), the Partnership for a Green City, the Kentucky Pollution Prevention Control Center and Louisville Sustainability Council. Graduates of the new degree program will be well prepared to work in both the private and public sector.

To learn more about the sustainability program, contact Yani Vozos, Student Advisor, at 502.852.8002 or click here.

Schedule a campus visit to learn more about the exceptional educational experiences UofL has to offer. Attend a presentation from UofL Admissions, take a tour of the gorgeous, park-like campus, and request an appointment to meet with a departmental representative (optional). 

 Hello, Ruth here!

I hope that we have all become situated into our college lives, classes are going smoothly and we aren’t extremely homesick.

To hopefully cheer you on, think of the fact that we only have 63 days until December 6th, the last day of classes! It seems that we have just started school last week. Can you believe it that we have been college students for 41 days?

My fellow freshmen, just 63 more days and we can officially proclaim that we have been in college for a whole semester.

Speaking of semesters, I do hope that we all are on the right track, as far as grades are concerned. If you feel that a class just isn’t for you, you still have a bit of time until the deadline to withdraw from it. That date is Monday, October 24, 2016. Keep in mind that you will have that “W” on your transcript, but that beats a terrible grade any day.

As you probably know by now, college life moves at a quicker pace than high school life. Prioritizing, balancing and managing are skills that we all have to master at one point or another, and there is no better time than the present. If you haven’t by now, I would recommend buying a planner or downloading a handy app for your mobile device. I, for one, have an app on my phone that syncs to my computer, a hand-written agenda, a desk calendar for work, and a dry-erase calendar hanging over my desk in my dorm. I know some who only have occasional reminders on their phone. Whatever works for you works for you. Just find it and stick to it but adjust it when need be.

Adjusting goes hand in hand with balancing, and balancing everything that life may throw at you becomes a skill that you wear with honor. I have come to understand that I am quite good with deadlines, so my academic life is where I want it to be. However, having the best of both worlds is something that life is not allowing me at the moment. My social life seems to be suffering due to my good grades and that is one sacrifice that I am more than willing to make.

Managing may mean sacrificing. We know that stress is to college as naps are to babies. This means that the stress you are feeling is almost second-nature. Although natural, do not ignore it, take care of yourself and keep moving forward. You may just need to drop something that is causing you stress, whether it be a person, a class or a situation you find yourself in. Whatever is causing you to feel less like yourself is not worth keeping around.

For those of us still learning, it is vital to recognize when we need help. This can be academically or purely mental. I know the best advice I have been given up to this point is to “take care of your mental health because without it being at its best, everything else crumbles.” I know the best of us needed this Fall break more than we knew. I know I needed to see my mother and push my nagging responsibilities out of my mind for a day or two. As for the remaining day of Fall break, a nap, see family, visit the Counseling Center, indulge some Insomnia Cookies; take care of yourself. 

REMEMBER: Just a reminder that not all positive changes feel positive in the beginning but at the University of Louisville, you will be just fine!


Ruth Peter

Publications Assistant

Class of 2020

Want to see what UofL is like for yourself? Future Cards and their families can visit campus on October 15 for Cardinal Preview Day! Take a campus tour, attend an info fair with various academic units, see workshops on scholarships and financial aid, and visit campus open houses. Click here for more info.



Campus Pride recently released a list of the best colleges and universities when it comes to policies, programs, and resources for LGBTQ people and their allies. UofL ranked in the top 30 nation-wide, with a Campus Pride index of 5 out of 5 stars, marking UofL as a safe and inclusive learning environment for students, faculty and staff of every background and orientation.

The UofL LGBT Center was founded in 2007, making our university the first in Kentucky to open a full-service office for LGBT services. UofL was also the first in the state to offer health insurance benefits for LGBT employees. The LGBT Center continues to expand, offering various groups, organizations, events, housing, as well as academic and professional opportunities for LGBTQ people and their allies at UofL:

  • Shades (a registered student organization for LGBTQ students of color)
  • The Bayard Rustin LGBT and Social Justice Themed Living Community (est. 2012) 
  • PRIDE Week (coming Fall 2016)
  • LGBTQ Study Abroad experiences
  • Safe Zone Ally Project
  • Scholarship opportunities for students
  • Insurance, benefits and leave policies for employees
  • Gender-inclusive bathrooms

Stay tuned for next year's Cardinal Outlook Day, an event geared towards all high school students who either identify as LGBTQ or are allies of the LBGTQ community. In the meantime, learn more about UofL's commitment to inclusion through a campus visit

Hello, Ruth here!

I am an incoming freshman. I will be majoring in Middle/Secondary Education. Although I am a resident of Louisville, Kentucky, the move is still a big deal for my family. I may not be going far from home but the transition is a change that definitely comes with some stress.

Incoming freshmen all over the nation are anxious to finally move into their dorms! When not done correctly, this significant milestone can bring about some unnecessary stress for both the new college student and their parents. With the countdown nearing closer and closer, the more questions arise regarding the best way to transition to UofL. Here are some housing and prep tips for UofL’s incoming freshman and their nervous parents:

Tip #1: Get on the last minute essentials run!

We have procrastinated it as much as humanly possible, so let’s get on it, shall we? Luckily the University of Louisville has partnered up with Dorm It Up, an affordable furnishing and supplies service. Dorm It Up is available online and delivers right to your dorm within 3 easy steps: Select your package, choose a color, and get it delivered right to your door!

Tip#2: Check Ulink, Cardmail, and Blackboard faithfully!

Depending on your major, classes, clubs and activities, the University of Louisville’s staff and sponsors are constantly updating students on various events, sending alerts and posting assignments. Getting accustomed to these three sites will definitely be a way of getting head of the game.

Tip #3: Begin/complete AlcoholEdu and Haven!

These two requirements are a way for you to school policy on sexual assault and alcohol consumption. REMEMBER: Every entering undergraduate student is required to complete AlcoholEdu and Haven. Failure to do so will result in a hold that prevents registration for the next semester.

Tip #4: Begin/complete your STOMP Modules!

The First Year Initiative modules are a way to give you viable knowledge of campus life, the layout, where and when you can receive academic and psychological aid. These modules are assigned to you on Blackboard under your Orientation Course.

Tip #5: Make the most of your last week (or so) at home!

The move may just be harder on your parents than it is on you. Be courteous and understanding of their nervousness. Follow the tips above and eliminate unnecessary and unwanted stress on everyone’s part. And don't forget to check out more move in information on the housing website!

REMEMBER: Just a reminder that not all positive changes feel positive in the beginning but at the University of Louisville, you will be just fine!

Ruth Peter
Publications Assistant
Class of 2020

UofL offers a unique opportunity for incoming students interested in earning a law degree. The 3+3 Accelerated Law program, offered in collaboration with the College of Arts and Sciences and the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law, allows eligible undergraduate students to apply for the Brandeis School of Law in their junior year.

Three departments within the College of Arts & Sciences offer an accelerated path to law school: Criminal Justice, History, and Women's and Gender Studies. Students admitted under the program fulfill their senior year of undergraduate credits through the successful completion of their first year law school courses, allowing them to graduate with both a bachelor's and Juris Doctor degree in just six years. This equates to $20,000 in tuition savings for in-state students and $37,000 for non-residential students.

Students in the 3+3 program will graduate with the knowledge and skills necessary to purse a career in higher education, business, government, and the public sector.

UofL has been making major headway in sustainability efforts campus-wide. UofL was the first school in Kentucky to achieve a Gold rating according the the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS), and we continue to have the highest STARS rating in Kentucky. More than a quarter of the food on campus is locally-sourced, we host Farmers' Markets each year on Belknap and HSC, and you can grow your own food right here on campus in UofL's organic gardens. In 2016 students even tapped our maple trees to make syrup!

UofL has also been recognized nationally for its Earn-A-Bike Program. UofL’s Sustainability Council accepts applications every summer from those willing to not drive to campus and to give up the right to a parking permit for at least two years in exchange for a $400 voucher to area bike shops! Applicationsfor the Earn-A-Bike program are now being accepted, and the deadline to apply is August 10.

UofL was ranked the most bicycle-friendly campus in Kentucky, and one of the nine best college for cycling by Bicycling Magazine. There's never been a better time to save money and the environment while biking around campus. Apply for the Earn-A-Bike Program today!



Over 600 incoming freshmen have already attended New Cards Orientation session, a two-day introduction to life as a student at UofL. Attendees have had the opportunity to meet their peers, explore campus, learn more about their majors and other academic interests, and meet with various groups and organizations for student involvement. Orientation will culminate with class registration.

Transitioning into college life is exciting and overwhelming, which is why Orientation is required of all first-time freshmen. If you haven’t already registered, there are still sessions available. If you have already registered for or attended Orientation, congratulations, you’re on the road to academic success!

Find more information on Orientation here.









After a grand opening celebration on March 12, 2016, Kentucky’s oldest and largest art museum, the Speed Art Museum, has officially reopened to the public after an extensive three-year renovation. Located in the heart of campus at the University of Louisville, the Speed Art Museum offers a unique and exciting way to experience a vast variety of culture and art.

The new museum is “designed to inspire creativity and foster deeper engagement” for visitors, especially convenient for students living on or near campus. Admission to the Speed on Sunday's is free for all visitors.

The University of Louisville has been recognized as one of the nation’s top institutions for producing student Fulbright awardees during the 2015-2016 academic year, listed by the Chronicle of Higher Education. The Fulbright program is sponsored by the U. S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and promotes cultural exchanges with more than 140 countries. The prize is one of the most prestigious in academia.

UofL announced 10 Fulbright winners for the 2015-2016 academic year and has had 89 winners since 2003—more than all other Kentucky institutions combined.

UofL has had 89 winners since 2003—more than all other Kentucky institutions combined. Harvard topped the list for the 2015-16 academic year with 31 Fulbrights. The rest of the top five were Michigan (29), Northwestern (26), Yale (26) and Arizona State (22). Besides Stanford, U of L was tied  Penn State, George Washington and Washington.

UofL will announce the names of 2016-17 Fulbright scholars beginning in late March and continuing through early summer.

Ten of the 24 applicants at U of L won Fulbrights, the highest  percentage of any of the 42 universities.

At last, you’ve finally wrapped up your stressful midterm exams, typed that dreadful research paper for your professor that smells like cheese and are ready to start planning a relaxing yet event-filled fall break. Whether you’re a native of the eccentric city of Louisville, KY, or are visiting from out-of-town (Hi - we’re happy you’re here!) there is never a dull moment in this bustling city.

Lucky for you, Louisville is at one of its busiest times of the year during this exciting fall season. Whether you’re a die hard Cards fan (#L1C4) and are interested in cheering on the Louisville Cardinals to victory in the 55,000+ seater, Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium, or would rather attend a groovy concert at Headliners Music Hall or the KFC Yum! Center, we meet all of your touristy needs and more here in the ‘Ville.

Personally, I’m looking forward to endless amounts of art gallery hopping, boutique shopping and coffee sipping this fall! Speaking of art galleries, one of my all time favorite art festivals to attend is the St. James Court Art Show. This one of a kind fine arts and crafts show hosts over 750 artists from all over North America. Held in the heart of historic Old Louisville, the St. James Court Art Show is an amazing excuse to explore impressive artwork with friends, take too many pictures and indulge in copious amounts of pumpkin spice lattes.

Speaking of pumpkin spice lattes (I know, I know…) Louisville is the heart of deliciously rustic coffee shops and quaint tea houses. A Louisville favorite, one can always depend on Heine Bros. Coffee to satisfy their pumpkin dreams with their signature pumpkin pie (yes, I said pie) latte brewed specifically for fall. However, if you’re looking for a nice cup of java for any other time of the year, I personally recommend Quills Coffee. If you’re lucky they may even fancy up your coffee with picture perfect foam art for Instagram!

Another festival favorite of mine that takes place during fall is the Nulu Fest. Located on East Market Street, the Nulu Fest is a huge block party for downtown Louisville lovers with lots of delicious food, vendors, live music and more. After you’ve visited Nulu, be sure to drive down to The Highlands, or dare I say, “The Land of the Hipsters,” located on Bardstown Rd. The Highlands is full of quirky boutiques, restaurants and record shops all awaiting your arrival. As a Louisville native and Bardstown Rd. enthusiast, I have my fair share of boutique favorites such as Pitaya, General Eccentric, Acorn, Wild Fox and Urban Attic. Better Days Records and Great Escape, a comic book shop, are some hot spots too!

One of the many reasons I love Louisville is it’s enthusiasm for the Performing Arts. That being said, Louisville is the home to several theatres including the Louisville Palace, The Kentucky Center of Performing Arts and Actors Theatre. If you’re here for the week check out “Fifth Third Bank’s Dracula” at Actors Theatre, a local Halloween “must-see!”, running from September 11 - November 1.

At this point, you’re probably thinking, “Okay now all of this sounds great but when is she going to tell us where to eat? What about the food for Pete’s sake?” Have no fear. Though we love keeping our tourists entertained, the people of Louisville also love to eat. For me, it’s all about the scenery. I want to enjoy my food just as much as the atmosphere of where I am eating. My favorite restaurant go-to is Dragon King’s Daughter. If you’re a fan of incredible sushi, people watching and low lighting (as well as low prices), this place is for you. Other Louisville dining favorites include Jack Fry’s, the Mayan Cafe, Wild Eggs, Mussel & Burger Bar, Rye on Market and the Troll Pub. Also- if you’re really into atmosphere as well as getting a bang for your buck, I recommend Rivue, a rotating dining room that gives customers a 360 degree, up close and personal view of the glistening Louisville skyline. For dessert (I know I am RELENTLESS!), don’t forget to stop by Gigi’s Cupcakes and try their Pumpkin Spice Latte or S’mores cupcake baked specifically for fall.

As you can see, there are tons of adventures waiting for you as well as friends and family this fall break. Whether you decide to cheer on the Cardinals, attend an art festival or even take a trip to visit Dracula, there is always something to do in Louisville, KY. So get out there! Explore all the wonders our city has to offer. After all, “It’s Happening Here.”

Peyton Schmidt
Sophomore, University of Louisville