Safety Measures Increase on Campus

Sept. 9, 2014

President James Ramsey, along with University Provost Shirley Willihnganz, VP for Health Affairs David Dunn and VP for Research and Innovation William Pierce, shared new safety measures taken to increase safety on and near UofL’s ever-growing campus.

“The safety of our community is of the highest priority.  And while our crime statistics are relatively low compared to other universities, any incident in which people are hurt is one too many.”

UofL has hired four additional police and four additional security officers to increase police patrolling around both the Belknap (main) and Health Sciences Center campuses at night. Additionally, UofL will expand its shuttle service and hours to include trips from key campus locations to affiliated housing and some off-campus areas where students live.  Student Government and the UofL Police Department are identifying “L-Trail” safe walking areas on our campuses that will be particularly well-lit and patrolled to enhance security along these routes.

The Office of the President also offered key safety tips and precautions to keep in mind as a college student on campus:

  • Walk with a group of people, and if walking to a parking lot, do not the leave the area until everyone is safely in their vehicle.
    • Remain alert and watchful for suspicious activity, especially two or more people just hanging around.
    • If you sense something wrong, leave the area immediately.
    • While in the residence halls, keep your security doors locked and don’t allow strangers in your room.
    • Finally, for any who are concerned about traveling at night, use our escort service that is available from our on-campus facilities to residences within four blocks of campus. Last year, we provided more than 7,000 escorts to students, faculty and staff.  Simply call 852-6111 for an escort.

The university has already increased safety efforts following several incidents this summer, including patrols around the Health Sciences Center by University Hospital security. The Housing Office and The Grove hired security guards to patrol the housing corridor from The Grove to Cardinal Towne during late-night hours.

A new safety communication campaign is being developed that will utilize posters, flyers and other media, including electronic media, to convey safety information to students.

“So we will stay diligent in our efforts. And we’re asking you to alert the UofL Police or LMPD to any suspicious activity. Working together, we can ensure a safe environment for our students, faculty, staff and guests,” the President’s message said.

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