Spring: The Semester of Positive Change

Hello, Ruth here! 

Okay, okay, it has been a while. I have missed sharing my college experiences with you all. I am happy to tell you all that the welcoming of the New Year has been filled with well-needed changes, new opportunities, and overall mental stability. I hope you can say the same for yourself. 

I know that I left you all with the suggestion to put down your work for the break; catch some sleep, spend time with family, relax. Now, two weeks into the semester, I assume that we are on the same page when I say that we must pick back up where we left off.  So, let’s.   

For starters, I am now a Sophomore! Yes, you read that right. Having taken Advance Placement courses, AICE Cambridge courses, and taking a few courses at Jefferson Community and Technical College, I was able to start my Fall 2016 semester at UofL with 21 college credits. With the 15 credit hours I earned this past Fall semester, I am currently at 36 credit hours- officially making me a Sophomore! How amazing is it that I can say that with only one UofL semester under my belt? 

As many would concur, the Fall 2016 semester flew by. My finals grades reflected the persistence of countless sleepless nights, early mornings, missed meals, frequent vent-sessions to my mother, study sessions that ran longer than the showers I had time to take, etc.  

My sophomore status opened many doors for me. With my 3.93 GPA (I was cursed with one A-) and the encouragement of Jenny Sawyer, the Executive Director of Admissions and my admissions counselor, I applied to the Honors Program and got accepted! I got to meet with Kirsten Armstrong, an incredible advisor for Honors students, who walked me step-by-step through the rather dramatic transition necessary to maintain Honors status. Along with the aid of Annie Fitzpatrick, my College of Education adviser, I managed to create a close-to-flawless Spring 2017 schedule, jam-packed with academically stimulating courses. 

In the span of two months, I accomplished more than I could have ever imagined for my very first semester at the University of Louisville. I am proud to say that I am one milestone closer towards receiving my degree.  

As someone in college, stressfully working towards the chance to make a real impact in this world, I understand that there are moments (and sometimes days) that feel completely against you. These moments are what essentially changes you into the individual you are to be.  

REMEMBER: Not all positive changes feel positive in the beginning but at the University of Louisville, you will be just fine! 

Ruth Peter 

Publications Assistant 

Class of 2020 


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