Top Ranked LGBT University in the South

Campus Pride recently released a list of the best colleges and universities when it comes to policies, programs, and resources for LGBTQ people and their allies. UofL ranked in the top 30 nation-wide, with a Campus Pride index of 5 out of 5 stars, marking UofL as a safe and inclusive learning environment for students, faculty and staff of every background and orientation.

The UofL LGBT Center was founded in 2007, making our university the first in Kentucky to open a full-service office for LGBT services. UofL was also the first in the state to offer health insurance benefits for LGBT employees. The LGBT Center continues to expand, offering various groups, organizations, events, housing, as well as academic and professional opportunities for LGBTQ people and their allies at UofL:

  • Shades (a registered student organization for LGBTQ students of color)
  • The Bayard Rustin LGBT and Social Justice Themed Living Community (est. 2012) 
  • PRIDE Week (coming Fall 2016)
  • LGBTQ Study Abroad experiences
  • Safe Zone Ally Project
  • Scholarship opportunities for students
  • Insurance, benefits and leave policies for employees
  • Gender-inclusive bathrooms

Stay tuned for next year's Cardinal Outlook Day, an event geared towards all high school students who either identify as LGBTQ or are allies of the LBGTQ community. In the meantime, learn more about UofL's commitment to inclusion through a campus visit