Building UofL: The Future Student Success Center

Hello, Ruth here!

If you have been on UofL’s Belknap campus any time between the beginning of this semester until now, you have probably been a witness to various renovations taking place. Like the best of us, questions arise: “What is going on?” typically being the first.   

Everyone seems to know of the roundabout construction that took place on Floyd Street and Brandeis/Cardinal Boulevard. With traffic having been completely shut off for a week or two, those who were on or around campus during the construction know the struggle of taking the longest route possible to reach a once-simple destination.

Everyone also seems to know of the Student Activity Center renovations, taking place right behind Threlkeld Hall. I would say, those who know of this construction better than anyone else would be the Freshman students living in Threlkeld Hall; hearing the banging and clanging of machines and tools as early as 7am on weekdays.

Few seem to know of the Belknap Academic Building being built directly in front of the Office of Admissions. Although we have all seen the existing building come down—an amazing sight—we still question of what and why it is going on.

An $80 million, four-story building will be replacing the once loved Crawford Gym. Rest assured, this is something that will benefit us students along with the faculty and staff. The new building will be called the Belknap Academic Building, as I’ve previously mentioned. Referred to as a “student success building” by the University’s Acting President, Neville Pinto, this construction will result in 17 classrooms, more science labs, space to hang out with your friends and even more food options.

This means that us undergraduate students will not be crammed in 200+ student lecture halls. The labs will allow for more explorations when it comes to the biology or chemistry class you are more than likely dreading. Also, keep in mind that more food options equal less lines and speedy service. So you can take a science course, ask questions and have discussions in the provided area, grab lunch and hang out with friends, all in one convenient building!

As you walk to and from class and take a look at any of the construction happening right before your eyes, think of the beauty that will soon occupy many of the blank spaces. Give it some time; keep in mind that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

REMEMBER: Not all positive changes feel positive in the beginning but at the University of Louisville, you will be just fine!

Ruth Peter
Publications Assistant
Class of 2020

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