Diversity Student Ambassadors for Admissions

DSAA group shot

    UofL's Office of Admissions Diversity Recruitment team established a diversity visit program to support diversity recruitment initiatives and promote post-secondary educational awareness. The program is comprised of 25-30 undergraduate students from various backgrounds. These DSAA's introduce high school students to their unique college experience.

    Meet the DSAA's

    Why I wanted to become a DSAA...

    "I wanted to become a DSAA because it gave me the opportunity to explore more of campus and to learn what Louisville is about as an out-of-state student. It gave me a chance to become active on campus while helping prospective students learn about the day to day of a college student. I’m glad I did it, it’s been an overall wonderful experience!" - Leah Fogle

    "Being a DSAA has strengthened my leadership and collaboration skills, connected me to new friends, and helped me network with people on campus and in the community. I get to work with amazing coworkers, share our campus with others, and be a role model to prospective students."- Jasmine Meadows


    The main responsibilities of Diversity Student Ambassadors for Admissions are to enhance the office’s Diversity Visit Programs, through Order Your Educational Steps (OYES) Group Visit and diversity recruitment events. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

    • Facilitating tours to student groups

    • Sitting on and leading student panels

    • Providing support for students and parents at major Admissions and Diversity Recruitment events such as:

    • Accolade

    • Woodford Porter Scholarship Breakfast

    • Cardinal Preview Day

    • Latinx Multicultural Events

    • Woodford Porter Scholarship Reception

    • Think College Now (TCN) Conference

    • Cardinal OUTlook Day

    • Admitted Student Day


    To apply to be a Diversity Student Ambassador for Admissions you must:

    • Have a cumulative college GPA of 2.5 GPA or higher (High School GPA for freshman applicants)

    • Have strong interpersonal and group presentation skills

    • Be accountable, represent the university respectfully, have the ability to work with underrepresented populations

    • Submit a complete application and professional resume


    Benefits of the DSAA program include having the opportunity to work closely with UofL faculty and staff, gain leadership experience through planning and hosting events, professional headshots, and participation in Admissions student celebrations.

    Students may apply for the DSAA program through Simplicity.

    For more information on how to become a Diversity Student Ambassador for Admissions, please contact Jhada McKnight at jhada.mcknight@louisville.edu