Diversity Student Ambassadors for Admissions

Group of Diversity Student Ambassadors for Admissions at University of Louisville

    UofL's Office of Admissions Diversity Recruitment team established a diversity shadow visit program to support diversity recruitment initiatives and promote post-secondary educational awareness. Since the inception of this program (AVIATORS), these students have played a tremendous role increasing enrollment numbers of students of underrepresented backgrounds for the university. In 2018 the program refocused from a volunteer opportunity to a paid student worker opportunity with the new name Diversity Student Ambassadors for Admissions (DSAA).

    The program is currently comprised of 25-30 undergraduate students from various backgrounds. These DSAA's introduce high school students to their unique college experience.

    Meet the DSAA's

    Why I wanted to become a DSAA...

    "A Diversity Student Ambassador for Admissions provides a safe space for others to get a good grasp of the college experience. We aim for the students that are often ignored, particularly those from diverse backgrounds. I wanted to be a DSAA so that I could partake in this education while contributing the diversification of UofL"

    - Asha Ramesh, Psychology

    "Being a Diversity Student Ambassador for Admissions is so exciting because I get to meet so many different people and I share what it's like to be a Cardinal! DSAA's have such an important responsibility to welcome visiting minority groups and to create an inclusive first-time experience. Being a DSA is really an honor because I get to be sometimes one of the first few faces students meet when they visit campus."

    - Rita Ackah, Public Health

    "I wanted to become a Diversity Student Ambassador for Admissions to share my love of the university with prospective students as well as provide them with an authentic experience during their visits. Being a DSAA allows me to share what being a college student is like at UofL, and form connections with students to figure out how the university can cater to their needs and wants."

    - Lauren Jones, Individualized Major: Psychological Communication, Pre-Med 


    The main responsibilities of Diversity Student Ambassadors for Admissions are to enhance the office’s Diversity Visit Programs, such as Order Your Educational Steps (OYES) Group Visit and Up Close and Personal Shadow Visit opportunities. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

    • Facilitating tours to student groups and shadow visit participants
    • Sitting on and leading student panels
    • Hosting shadow visit participants
    • Providing support and mingling with students and parents at major Admissions and Diversity Recruitment events such as:
      • Accolade
      • Porter Breakfast at Campus Preview Day
      • Latino Multicultural Events
      • Porter Scholars Reception
      • Think College Now (TCN) Conference
      • Cardinal OUTlook Day
      • Admitted Student Day

    To apply to be a Diversity Student Ambassador for Admissions  you must:

    • Be an undergraduate student;
    • Have a cumulative college GPA of 2.5 GPA or higher (not necessary for freshman applicants);
    • Have strong interpersonal and group presentation skills;
    • Be accountable, represent the university respectfully, have the ability to work with underrepresented populations and;
    • Submit a complete application, short essay responses, and one recommendation.

    Benefits of the DSAA program include having the opportunity to work closely with UofL faculty and staff, gain leadership experience through planning and hosting events, possible educational stipend, uniforms, professional headshots, and participation in an end-of-the-year celebration.

    Students may apply for the DSAA program through Handshake.

    For more information on how to become a Diversity Student Ambassador for Admissions, please contact Ashlie Mercado at .