Finding my Cardinal Family

I am finally able to be the Louisville Cardinal I have always dreamed of being.

Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a Louisville Cardinal. All of my family members are hard-core UofL fans. I have gone to homecoming events with my dad and watched football games in the Papa John’s Stadium with my mom. I have met old and new basketball players. So even before I became a student, I felt like I was part of the UofL Family. A couple of years ago, I hit a bump in the road. I didn’t know if I was going to attend college, let alone graduate high school. I was in a very dark time of my life, but I knew I needed to step up and get my head on straight. I finally got my act together and graduated high school. When I spoke to UofL students, athletes and faculty members, they treated me with respect. Through scholarships and financial aid, I was able to fund my education. I am finally able to be the Louisville Cardinal I have always dreamed of being.

I am now on my way to gaining my bachelor degree to become a nurse. I finally feel equal to the peers I have long admired. My time so far as a freshman has been amazing. UofL is such a beautiful campus and thrives on diversity. There are so many clubs and organizations that students can become a part of and feel like they fit in. There are spiritual opportunities on campus for those with religious backgrounds. Tutors are available through the REACH program in the Ekstrom Library. Also in the library is the Writing Center, which helps students write and revise their papers for class. The University of Louisville provides every opportunity for students to succeed in achieving their degrees. I am very proud to call myself a Louisville Cardinal.

Heather Glidewell

Freshman, University of Louisville School of Nursing