FAQs for Students Applying Without ACT/SAT Scores

The following FAQs apply to first-time freshmen who are entering UofL.

How does UofL evaluate a student who applies without ACT/SAT scores?

We evaluate applicants using a holistic approach and factoring in variables beyond ACT/SAT scores. In the absence of test scores, our staff puts more emphasis on student’s grades and high school curriculum. Our goal is to consider all factors and make a decision centered around student success at the University of Louisville.

If a student applies without ACT/SAT scores, what additional materials may be requested?

After initial review of a student's application, first-semester senior grades, a student involvement resume, and/or a personal statement may be required.

Can I apply to any academic program without ACT/SAT scores?

All academic programs will consider students without ACT/SAT scores for admission. The Dental Hygiene will eventually require that students have ACT or SAT scores on file for consideration into the upper division of the program, although scores are not required for admission into the lower division, where most first-year students start. Students should keep in touch with their admissions counselor for the latest information. 

Our Honors Program, which requires a separate application, no longer considers ACT/SAT scores as a criteria for acceptance.

If a student applies without ACT/SAT scores, are they eligible for any UofL scholarships?

We are committed to making scholarship opportunities available to students, whether they apply with or without test scores. We strongly encourage students with qualifying test scores to submit those to automatically receive an award. Please visit the scholarship website for specific criteria and requirements. We look primarily at a student’s grades, high school curriculum and a student-involvement resume. For more information about the scholarship processes, students should reach out to their admission counselor.

The following scholarships do not require test scores:

The Office of Student Financial Aid manages a number of scholarships for new students that only require admission to UofL. In addition, they manage some automatic awards that are based on need and begin to be awarded November 1 (Based on the FAFSA and admission). All students are encouraged to check in with their admission counselor to review financial options for college planning.

How should a student choose whether or not to send ACT/SAT scores to UofL?

If a student believes their test score is not reflective of their academic ability, or if they are unable to take the ACT/SAT, they may apply without test scores. If a student has tested, they can review our admission requirements to determine eligibility for admission to UofL or specific academic programs. If a student has questions about this decision, please reach out to their personal admissions counselor for more information and guidance.

What if a student has already sent the University of Louisville ACT/SAT scores or they are on the high school transcripts?

In making admission decisions, test scores will only be used to expedite or enhance your application. In addition, test scores below the minimum admission requirements will not be considered in the review of your application. 

Can a student send ACT/SAT scores to UofL after applying without them? 

Yes! You can always ask your school counselor or ACT/Collegeboard to send scores to . If an admission decision has already been made on your application, you must contact your admissions counselor to request that your file be reviewed again. 

If a student is admitted, how will they be placed in courses without ACT/SAT scores? 

Any student admitted without test scores will be required to take the Accuplacer Math and Reading tests or another exam approved by the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education for determining college readiness. Those tests will be used to determine placement. Some subjects such as Biology and Chemistry have either test score requirements or separate placement tests that will be required. These tests are available online and can be taken any time before freshman orientation or earlier. We will work with students and review these results to recommend resources developed to help students be best prepared for the rigors of college. Also, a student can submit ACT/SAT scores post admission. Some ACT or SAT sub-scores may be able to be used to meet the placement test requirement.